VPN One Click


VPN One Click is a simple and easy to use VPN client for your Windows devices. VPN One Click is great for protecting your privacy online and can allow you to unlock services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Skype while traveling. By connecting to a Virtual Private Network Server (VPN), you can mask your public IP address and make it appear as if you are in a different country. Best of all, with VPN One Click your internet connection will be fully encrypted, you don’t need to worry about privacy or security here.

VPN One Click is very simple to use and easy to set up. Upon Opening VPN One Click on your Windows Phone you will be taken to the How to Connect guide, here you will be taken through all of the necessary set-up processes to get VPN One Click enabled. This is going to require you to go into the Settings of your Windows Phone, and if you are running Windows Phone 8.1 the multitasking feature is going to come in handy! On the How to Connect guide of VPN One Click you will at Step 3 you can select the country you would like to connect to, upon selecting one you will get the IP address that you will need to configure the VPN to. From there you will need to go to the Main menu of VPN One Click.

At the Main menu you will see all of your details; current IP address, username, password, expiring on date, and more. Your current IP and Country are going to show you where you are currenty connecting to, for my use it was the US. When I am configuring VPN One Click I will want to keep my current IP and Country in mind, I don’t want to set-up a VPN to connect to a country that I’m currently in, it defeats the purpose. The username and password in this menu will be unique to you and will be required to finish the set-up process of VPN One Click.

VPN One Click offers a free trial so you can experience all that they are offering. Once your trial has expired you can sign-up for VPN One Click Premium to enjoy the freedoms of using a VPN. There are three different subscription packages that you can choose from and are reasonably priced. The one month plan is $1.99 and is great for someone that is going to do very little traveling and only needs a VPN for a short amount of time. You can also get six months for $10.99 or one year for $19.99, these are going to be for the individual that really like to travel and enjoy all of the services that they have become accustomed to.

Keep your online privacy safe and secure with VPN One Click. Try it today in the Windows Marketplace.

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Make A Meal


Make a Meal makes it easy to both discover new recipes, as well as find dishes made with ingredients that you already have. Make a Meal includes hundreds of recipes that you can filter in intuitive ways that will help you find that perfect recipe. In Make a Meal, you can filter by recipe difficulty, the amount of time each recipe will take to prepare and cook, and useful filters for diet restrictions, like vegetarian, nut or dairy-free, gluten free, and vegan.

In Make a Meal, you can find recipes that use ingredients you already have. Simply list the ingredients you have, and Make a Meal will find recipes that use them! Make a Meal will also show you how many ingredients you’re missing to make shopping for and completing these recipes easier.

You can even create a favorites list of your personal favorite recipes, as well as rate recipes in a five-point scale to make sorting even easier. Each recipe can also be shared through Twitter or Facebook, and you can email and print recipes as well.

Check out Make a Meal on the App Store today!

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EGG-SHOOT, a game for iOS devices, will keep you entertained for hours with it’s many levels of challenging gameplay. In EGG-SHOOT, you complete levels by touching the eggs as they fly out at you in order to fulfill the requirements. But avoid touching bomb eggs!

The game includes power ups to help you complete levels with more stars. More stars earned in each level enables you to unlock more levels to keep you moving through the game.

Powers include a screen cleaner to help keep egg off your screen, game speed reducer that slows the game so that you can keep up, screen changer, shooting pointer that helps you determine where the next egg will be coming from, and pipe tracer.

Give EGG-SHOOT a try by downloading it from the App Store today!

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Warship Solitaire


Warship Solitaire reimagines the olden days of playing Battleship in the family-room of your childhood home and brings it full circle to the digital age. Have you ever tried your hand a Sudoku? What about Solitaire? Warship Solitaire is a combination of Battleship, Sudoku, and Solitaire that is sure to challenge your thinking while maintaining that addictive edge of modern iPhone gaming.

Gameplay is simple and straight forward with Warship Solitaire. Your playing field is a grid system, similar to Sudoku, where you have numbers outlining each column telling you how many pieces are allowed in it. You then have to cross match all of the playing pieces with the column numbers to find and sink the battleships that are hidden on the grid. This is where the Battleship portion of game play comes in. You have to find one three-piece ship, two two-piece ships, and three one-piece ships. The solitaire portion of the game is that you can play this all by yourself, you don’t need another person to play with.

Taping once on a grid point will mark that off as water and tapping twice will mark it as a ship piece. If you tap once and drag you can mark off multiple sections as water and if you tap twice and drag you can mark off multiple sections as ship pieces. If you get stuck while matching you can always use the hint on the left side of the playing field to show you a random move. Be careful though, the hit could reveal a piece that you have already placed so you them only when absolutely necessary. Once you have all of the right pieces on the grid you will beat the level and advance on to the next stage. Each stage is more challenging than the previous, get ready to be stumped and challenged!

Warship Solitaire is optimized for iOS 8 and will work with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Best of all, Warship Solitaire is optimized to run on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so if you have one of the larger devices you can experience all of the beautiful HD assets on your device.

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Huayu Messenger


Huayu Messenger is a photo sharing and messaging app for the iPhone with a new twist. In Huayu Messenger, not only do you send your friends photos and a message, you create a challenge for them in order to see the message. These challenges include jigsaw puzzles, a breakout-style game, or a pair matching game, and you set both the difficulty of the puzzle and time to solve.

When first launching the app, you will be prompted to create an account and confirm your phone number using a confirmation code sent via text message. This makes it easier for your friends and contacts to find you on the app. Once you have created your account, you can start using Huayu Messenger!

The interface for Huayu Messenger is very straightforward and gets you to your messages quickly. In the main screen, you can swipe to the right to open the menu, which gives you options to change account settings, turn on help, and to contact the support staff. Swipe back out of the menu, and you have the main interface for the app. On the left, you have messages that have been sent to you, and on the right you have messages you have sent, as well as the create a new message button at the top.

Creating a new message/puzzle is easy: click the big plus button on the top right to get started. The camera will launch, and from here you can either take a picture or select a photo from your phone. Once you have taken or selected a picture, you can crop and resize the photo how you like. Then we get to the fun part: swipe right to type out a text-based message, then swipe again to create your message puzzle.

There are plenty of options to choose from: first, select the time your recipient has to solve the message. If they don’t solve it in the allotted time, they don’t get to see your message! Below that are three different types of puzzles to choose from; jigsaw, breakout, and pairs. Jigsaw mode is just what you might imagine, a puzzle with the pieces made from the image you are sending. Breakout gives your friend a brick breaking game in order to reveal your photo. Pairs mode presents a memory matching puzzle that you friend needs to get right in order to reveal the photo.

After that, select the friends you want to send your puzzle message to, and wait for a reply!

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gofuge-screen-1Gofugue is a great new way for you to explore the world, and meet new people, around you. In Gofugue you are a zombie! A zombie that is walking around on Google Maps searching for the best local restaurant, looking for a new secret view, searching for new friends, or just looking to explore and share photos!

Upon first launching Gofugue you are going to have to create an account and choose a unique username. This is done because the root of Gofugue is a social network, a social network that is base upon one’s current location. Once you are signed-in you will see a little zombie walking around on Google Maps using your current geolocation. You can then tap on the screen in the direct that you would like your little zombie to travel. If there are other Gofugue users in your general area you will see them on the map as well, so if you’re in a popular area you could see a swarm of zombies wandering the streets!

gofuge-screen-2As your zombie is walking around you can talk to others around you. There is a text box at the bottom of the screen where you can enter in a status update. This is how you are going to communicate with the other zombies that are around you. So if you would like to ask a question or share something just type it out and a speech bubble will appear over your zombies head. If someone else types back you’ll see a speech bubble over their zombies head and so on and so forth. Saying something new will just replace the current speech bubble with the new one. It’s pretty neat seeing a bunch of zombies wondering the streets talking to each other!

Don’t forget to add some photos to the map, this can be done with the camera button next to the text box! When you tap on the camera button you can then take a photo of what’s around you and add it to the map for other to see. Gofugue will add the photo to the map at the location where you zombie is standing, so make sure your character’s at the right spot when you take it, other will be sure to look for it. Tapping on a photo that’s currently on the map will bring the photo full-screen for your viewing pleasure! Oh, and don’t forget to share the photo will all of your favorite apps by tapping on the share button when you’re viewing the photo.

Go on a virtual adventure with others on Gofugue! Gofugue is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, download it on the App Store.

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Kinkle – Message with a Twist


Search for people around the world, or chat with friends. No need to change between networking and chat apps when you have Kinkle. Kinkle keeps your conversations private with Flash messages.

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Start your Kinkle experience by browsing the people section. If you find someone you know or like you can invite them by swiping up.
To move forward just create an account or login with Facebook.

From here on use the menu on the left and work from bottom to top.

Set up your profile. Don’t forget a funny video. If you logged in with Facebook you may be able to immediately connect with friends on Kinkle, simply click on their profile picture.

Here is where you can search within a radius of your location (up to 500km/310miles) for friends or new people. If you are a Kinkle+ user you can search anywhere in the world using our unique map (go ahead drop a pin anywhere you like). You can also change your location to throw your friends off guard.

This is where you will find the people within your search criteria. Once everyone in your criteria runs out we will show you everyone else on Kinkle in no particular order to keep things interesting. So even if you are a free user you can see everyone on our network at anytime. Just keep scrolling across the wall, or you can click on a profile and then swipe left or right through the profiles. The people section works in landscape too!

Found a friend or someone you like? Just swipe up on their photo to send an invitation.

Browse through the invites you have sent, and if you are lucky you may have received some already.

Ok, so you are a pretty interesting person and someone wants to get to know you. Or maybe it’s just your mum… Anyway, here you can send text, photo and video. Just click on their profile. You can also send timed ‘Flash’ messages. Unlike other apps this feature only times out while the receiver is viewing the message, so you get a lot more out of your few seconds. You can also share photos from your camera roll if you so desire.

Head Gear


Head Gear is a fun app designed exclusively for the iPhone that, using augmented reality, allows you to put a helmet or other “head gear” over your head creating endless hours of fun. Head Gear has some awesome categories of gear for you to choose from; spanning from amazing Science Fiction helmets, silly and whacky Glasses, hardened Sports helmets, and creepy and scary Horror masks. Best of all, Head Gear will constantly be adding new categories of gear so you can always suit up with the latest gear!

Head Gear is extremely simple and easy to use, no set-up required. When you first open Head Gear you will be asked to give it permission to your Camera, Microphone, and Camera Roll, this is necessary as the camera is required to augment the gear over your face. Once your in the camera will detect any faces that are in the camera and will then augment a helmet over your face. There a default helmets for you to choose from, which can be accessed from the Helmet Picker and once you select one it will then place that gear over your head. What’s neat is that you can turn you head and the helmet goes along with you, it’s pretty fun to mess around with it.

The Helmet Picker also features a Helmet Gear Store where you can purchase new gear packs for your entertainment. This is where you can purchase the Horror, Glasses, Sports, and Science Fiction packs that were mentioned earlier. Once a pack is purchased it is then added to your Helmet Picker where you can then choose a helmet from that pack and begin using it.

Once you have your desired gear on it’s time to take some photos or record a short video. You can choose from either Photo or Video by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the Head Gear UI. The camera button in the middle will represent video with a Red button and photo with a Grey button. Taking a photo will save the image instantly to your camera roll and from there you can send it to all of your friends. However, if you record a video it is also saved to your camera roll but you are also give the option to share it directly from within Head Gear. You can send the video over iMessage, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Your video is also saved into the internal camera roll inside of Head Gear so you can come back and share it whenever you would like.

Experience augmented reality in a new and fun way with Head Gear! Download it for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in the App Store.

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KPI Alerts


KPI Alerts is a must-have app for business of every size; from start-ups to small and medium business, all the way to large enterprises! With the freedom of mobile devices and the addition of the KPI Alerts app you can now monitor the performance of your business anytime from anywhere.

From the dashboard of KPI Alerts you can see an overview of all of the KPI’s that you are monitoring. Each KPI will show you the tile that you have set-up for it and on the right hand side of that you can see if there have been any changes. Red will reflect negative changes and green will reflect positive changes, yellow will be displayed when minimal or no changes have occurred.

KPI Alerts is very easy to set-up and get started, in fact it takes as little as 5 minutes to get started. You need to create an email template that you and those in your company will use. This is going to be the data the KPI Alerts reads and then interprets to show you the changing KPI’s. These templates will need to remain consistent, once KPI Alerts learns the template if will automatically update when emails are received. KPI Alerts will even allow you to import data from Google Analytics if you should choose to do so.

Keep track of what is going on with your business. Download KPI Alerts for your iPhone or Android Devices.

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Camping World


Camping World is going to be your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor adventure needs! With their new mobile app you can browse and shop for all of your camping needs right from your mobile device. On top of camping there are also areas for you to look for RV’s and even sign-up and manage your Good Sam membership.

The Shop section of Camping World is where you are going to find all of the gear that you need for your next great adventure. At the top of the screen you’ll see a Search field that you can input what you are looking for. Once you’ve found what you desire, tapping on it will bring up all of the detailed information. On the product page you can see the pricing, availability, weight, dimensions, and more. This is going to help ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Best of all, Camping World can even check Camping World stores stock and let you know what physical stores have what you’re looking for.

If roughing it in the wilderness isn’t your kind of thing then you’ll want to check the RV Sales section of Camping World. In this section of the app you can browse for new and use RV’s that you’re sure to love. Once you find a RV that you’re interested in, tapping on the listing will open it to the listing page. On the listing page you can see detailed photos, condition notes, mileage, pricing, and more. You can then submit at the bottom of the listing your interest and inquire to hear back from the seller. There is even a section for those of you who are interested in trading-in your RV for a newer one.

The last few sections of Camping World are going to help you locate or contact Camping World physical stores. With the Stores section you can see the location of Camping World stores that are close to you and see the stores hours. You can then contact the store to gather any additional information that you would need. The Current Ad on the main page of Camping World is an interactive ad for Camping World locations and website. Here you can see all of the specials and discounts that Camping World is currently offering and find that item you’ve always wanted.

Get all of your camping and outdoor adventure needs with Camping World. The Camping World app has been optimized for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android Devices. Download it today and happy camping!

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