Huddle with your friends to complete homework and other assignments faster. Huddles are comprised of two parts, a shared answer key and a group chat. Fill out the answer key together, while discussing and learning in the group chat. When the assignment is complete, break the huddle. The chat is permanently deleted and each user receives a digital copy of the latest answer key.

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HuddleUp is created and run by your peers.
School is a game.

YOUME – Image and Video Effects

YOUME is the easy way to customize and personalize all of your photos and videos, so that you can make them more beautiful, special, exciting, memorable and fun! As we like to say: “To each their own YOUME”

Download YOUME – Image and Video Effects on the App Store
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***100+ Filters & Effects***
YOUME features more than 100 amazing filters and effects, which are neatly organized into “Packs”. The Packs that you’ll enjoy when you download the app include: Color, Gradient, Deformation, FX, TV, Contour, Blur, 3D Particle, Lensflare, Textures and Frames.

***Real-Time Changes***
Why wait to see what your changes will look like? With YOUME, you’ll see your changes instantly in real-time! It’s the simple and fast way to see if you’re happy with your changes, or want to explore other filters/effects.

***Combine & Customize***
You can also combine and customize filters, in order to create truly one-of-a-kind photos and videos that don’t exist anywhere else! Save filter settings and easily retrieve your best parameters effects.

**Record in Multiple Resolutions***
Whether you feel like capturing a day out with friends, creating a video of your band or business, or anything else, YOUME lets you record in multiple display resolutions depending on your needs and storage capacity, including: 480P, 640P, 720P, 1440P and 1920P.

***Multiple Display Formats***
Whether you’re using your iPhone or iPad, YOUME supports multiple display formats so you’ll always get the best possible view whether you’re set for 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1.

***Customize Menus***
Customizing photos and videos is just the start! You can also customize YOUME’s menu, and change it as often as you wish in a few simple taps.

***Other YOUME Special Features***
> Streamlined and elegant interface that is easy to navigate
> Convenient snap share option to send photos and videos to your friends & followers.
> An impressively small footprint for such a large package (less than 40MB!)

Whoo Messenger – Anonymous Chat with your Facebook Friends

Whoo is a fun messenger app to exchange anonymous messages, mysterious photos and filtered voice messages with your Facebook friends. It’s exciting to receive anonymous messages and it’s even more fun when you know it’s from friends and you have a chance to unmask them. With Whoo Messenger tricking your friends, sending love texts and receiving mysterious photos and voice messages has never been so much fun.

Download Whoo Messenger on the App Store
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Download the app, Facebook connect, select the friends you want to play with, choose your disguise and start chatting anonymously! They will not know who you are until they guess your identity correctly or you choose to reveal it yourself!

– Easy Facebook sign-in to play exclusively with your existing Facebook friends.
– Unique randomly generated cute animal avatars to disguise yourself for each new discussion.
– Fun photo effects (blur, pixel, fish eye, saturation) to keep your photos mysterious.
– Hilarious voice changers (fast, crazy, scary) to make your voice messages untraceable.
– Delivered and read confirmations to know when your friends read your messages.
– “Reveal” function to give up your real identity and unblock a discussion.
– “Guess” function to discover the real identity of your anonymous friends. Your guess attempts are scarce so use them wisely!
– “Block” and “Report” options to block messages from annoying anonymous friends and report them (yes it could happen :)

Facebook Connect is the unique way to register to make sure that you send and receive messages only to and from people you know: your Facebook friends. No one else can contact you.
We do not post or send anything to Facebook.
Your friends need to download the app to reply to your messages and chat with you. Spread the word and tell them to join!

Important Note : If you have issues with your friends list “No Results” please delete the app and download it again. This can happen when you register for the first time with a bad internet connection. We are very sorry for this and are working hard to fix it!

World Clock

World Clock: International Time, Simplified. Meet your new simple and powerful world clock.

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• Add cities and timezones like GMT and UTC with a few key strokes.
• Convert international time with a drag of a cursor.
• Schedule international calls and meetings and add them to your calendar.
• Add Interactive Widget to your Today’s View (OSX Yosemite only): quickly peek and see what time it is in the other location, drag the line to convert time, so you can find a time that suits quick, without getting distracted from whatever you were doing.

Easily tell what time it is with clocks that change color with time of day:
— black for evening and night,
— white for morning, and
— green for working hours.


Klickset is a New form of Social Network Experience with separate beautifully organized streams for all the major social feeds such as Audio, Video and Photos in one package and also with dedicated tab for people’s Talent and Competitions.

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More than that Klickset has a fully featured fast and smooth chat module to fulfill all of people’s Social Networking activities under one App.
Klickset Social network has powerful features packed in one app, that has separate Photo,Video, Audio, and Full featured Chat.

Wedge – Planning & Reminders

Wedge does for calendar events what Snapchat does for photos. Wedge eliminates awkwardness in social planning by making sending an invite as easy as sharing a photo.

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FAST: Wedge makes it incredibly fast and easy to send calendar invites and reminders.
CHAT: Friends can discuss their plans in the group chat for each Wedge.
GROUPS: Leader of an organization? Create an account and add your members on Wedge! Keep everyone up-to-date on meeting/event plans.
LOCATION: Now integrated with Uber, and Google/Apple Maps. Simply type “at” or add an “@” sign followed by address information into your Wedge title.

Dreamstime Photography: Sell Photos

Earn cash for doing what you love: taking pictures! Sell your photos on Dreamstime – the leading stock photography community.

Download Dreamtime Photography: Sell Photos on the App Store
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The Dreamstime Companion empowers pro and aspiring photographers to make money by selling their own original photography and images. With Dreamstime Companion you can easily upload images (mobile and high-res) directly from your iPhone into the Dreamstime Stock Photography marketplace, making them available to millions of customers looking to buy great photography just like yours.

Dreamstime Companion also allows you to track your current earnings and image statistics while on the go. Download now and sign up for a FREE account or sign into your existing Dreamstime account.

It only takes seconds to start making real money selling your photographs!

• Make money from your photography
• Reach millions of potential customers
• Real time sales notifications
• Quick account set up & sign in
• Easily upload from your iPhone
• Optimize images for prime visibility in the marketplace
• Track sales and earnings
• Track image statistics

Tiggly Chef: Preschool Math Cooking Game

Welcome to the silliest kitchen in Tiggly Town! Learn early addition concepts and think flexibly about numbers while helping Chef prepare his signature Spicy Hula Monkey Cake, and over 40 other outrageous dishes.

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Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef tells you what he needs to prepare his preposterously silly recipes, and you help by adding the exact number of ingredients Chef asks for to get the recipe right. You can even suggest your own recipes to Chef. While ingredients are added, mathematics symbols appear on screen explaining your actions, helping you naturally learn numbers and early addition concepts; surely Chef will encourage you to follow instructions and think flexibly!

Personal Wish Tunes

Send your Wish Tunes for free: it’s faster than regular mail and more personal than an e-card or Facebook message. Wish Tunes is the new way of sending original, personalized invitations and wishes for 1001 occasions worldwide! The completely free app offers you the possibility and endless combinations to create your unique Personal Wish Tune. It will make your wish card, selfie, invitation, thank you note or greet extra special.

Download Personal Wish Tunes on the App Store
Download Personal Wish Tunes on the Google Play Store
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Key features
– It’s completely free. No paid cards or locked themes. The app is fully at your disposal.
– Send your Wish Tune using your iPhone or iPad to other Wish Tune users worldwide. You can also use Facebook, WhatsApp or your iPhone contacts.
– No Wish Tune will get lost! Your received and sent tunes will always be available in the app.
– Send your Wish Tune instantly to your contacts or a selection from it.
– You can choose to share a message on social media.
– Every month, new updates of categories, themes, cards and tunes will be released.
– Push notification will let you know if you received a Wish Tune, but will also tell you when new content has arrived.

Up-to-date themes
Always original and up-to-date! Personal Wish Tunes consists of a lot of general subjects like Birthday, Good Luck and Get Well Soon, but there are also special themes available like, Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, New Year or the Olympics. During these theme weeks, special songs and soundscapes are recorded by our artists and special cards are designed.

Personal Wish Tunes are original, funny, crazy, sweet, thoughtful but above all FUN!

Greetings from… The world!
Stop looking for a letterbox to send a boring card. Take a picture or turn your selfie into a picture postcard from your hammock or that fantastic restaurant in Barcelona. Improve your card with sound scapes from breaking waves, a beautiful city or a crackling barbecue and make everyone jealous with your “Greetings from Gambia”, “Love from London” or “Cheers from my backyard”.

Party time!!!
Plan your wedding, baby shower, sweet-sixteen party or invite some friends over for a drink. Send invitations with the Wish Tunes app: choose your theme, take a picture or select an existing one, write a nice text and add the sound of a laughing baby or partying people. Send this invitation to friends you select. Let people that stay behind know what they miss by sending them a selfie with sound, or thank the people that were present at your party with a “Thank You” card the next day.


MeetBall is the free location sharing app that helps fans find and enjoy their party whenever, wherever. Bottom line: MeetBall makes it easy to #FindYourParty. Simple as that. Whether you’re a passionate fan attending your alma mater’s game day, a music lover getting lost at Coachella, or just meeting some friends for a drink at the local bar, MeetBall helps you navigate the crowd to maximize the time spent having fun by privately sharing locations with friends wherever things get chaotic.

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MeetBall gives you complete control over who you share your location with, and for how long. Sharing locations with MeetBall allows you to share life as you experience it, all in an elegant place that you control.

App features:
– GPS-enabled directions and compass to guide your friends to a MeetBall location
– Integration of contacts from Address Book
– Invitations to MeetBalls sent via text message and/or push notifications
– FourSquare locations and suggestions for when you’re not sure where to meet
– In-app chat capabilities



Can’t remember whether that statue in was in Rome or Venice? Or the name of person you met last night? You need PhotoFlip!™ It’s the easiest way to add notes to photos, and is the only photo note app that integrates directly with your photo library. No need to import photos – just tap and type your note! Your notes are then automatically saved to a memory-efficient database, stored in iCloud, and seamlessly synced with your other iOS devices.

Download PhotoFlip! on the App Store
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Easily add notes to existing photos, or use take photos on-the-go within PhotoFlip!™ Share your notes with friends via Facebook, Twitter, iMessage or Email using our easy-share feature. Notes are automatically added to your post and optionally embedded onto the photo.

PhotoFlip!™ will make your photos real memories than can last a lifetime!

– Uses the native Photos database, no need to import photos
– Photo Albums supported
– Access your notes across all devices with iCloud sync
– Display notes at the top or bottom on the screen
– Share photos directly from PhotoFlip! to your friends

Pro Features:
– Tags: Add Tags to your images for better organization. You can also filter your images by tag, making it easy to find the group of photos you are looking for!
– Search: Search through notes and tags to quickly find notes
– Multiple Select: Select multiple photos to tag or share

Freespace Challenge!

Freespace Challenge! is a fun way to help you familiarise yourself with the festival. Test your reflexes as you run to the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade!

Download Freespace Challenge! on the App Store
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What is Freespace Fest?
Freespace Fest is a free two-day outdoor arts festival where artists and audiences interact. It is a festival to experiment the possibilities of public space and the concept of Freespace as a venue at the West Kowloon Cultural District.