SWAG Client


SWAG Client is the modern way businesses find vetted technical professionals for everyday tasks like replacing a hard drive in your database server to helping you plan your next big app!

Launching SWAG Client will bring you into the map view where you can request help from SWAG Client’s Geeks. You can filter the available Geeks by their hourly rates, skill sets, and qualifications. Apply these filters will ensure that you find the right Geek for the right job.

To apply a filter tap on the “Filter by Skill Set” button below the map. You will then be brought to the list of Skills and Certifications that you can select. Each skill set can filter by a main category or sub-categories. If you were looking for Design you could check off Design in the skills but you can also narrow it down specifically to Logo Design if you would like to. Certifications work the same way as the Skill Sets. Once you’ve selected all of the filters, tap Save in the top right corner and you will be brought back to the map and will see the Geeks the match your criteria.

To request a Geek all you have to do is tap on a Geek icon and you will see the Geeks’ profile. At their profile, you will get the see their picture, rating, rate, and skills. If the Geek meets your requirements you can then tap on Request and you will then be able to tell the Geek what you are needing and send off the request. The Geek will then be able to accept or deny the request and if your request is accepted you will then communicate with the Geek to get the job done! It’s that simple!

Get the help you need with SWAG Client, available in the App Store for the iPhone.

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Take a photo, type a message, add an audio message, apply a filter, and share it with the world using photovoicemessaging!

From the My Feed section, you will be able to sell all of the posts that the users you are following have shared. They will be nice thumbnails of the photo, the users profile image, text, audio and location of the photo. Tapping on the play button will play the audio message that is associated with the image, giving the photo some emotion. Tapping on a post will highlight it with a green check mark allowing you to share it with your favorite social networks!

Posting your own photo is simple and easy to do. Tap on the green camera button on the bottom middle of the My Feed screen. You will be asked if you’d like to import a photo from your Photo Library or Take a Photo, choosing to take a photo will open the camera allowing you to take a photo to use and choosing photo library will allow you to import an image already on your device. Once you have the image that you’d like to use you’ll be able to add a filter, text title, and an audio message. When you’re happy with the result it’s time to share it with photovoicemessaging! Tap Next in the top right corner of the image editor and you’ll get to see the final result. From here tapping on the share button next to the title will allow you to share with your favorite networks and tapping on Close in the top right corner will close the screen and post it to you photovoicemessaging feed.

After your photo is posted you will be brought back to the My Feed screen. From here if you tap on the menu button in the bottom left corner, the menu will slide out, and you can navigate the rest of photovoicemessaging. There is an Activity page where you can see all of the photos that you’ve shared with your friends. The Settings will allow you to edit your profile, change your password, and views tips & tricks. There’s also an option to Take a Picture which will take you through the process of posting a photo! Everything is just a tap away with photovoicemessaging.

Simply take a photo to your liking, proceed to add effects, add audio, type a message, see your feeds– that’s the simplicity of photovoicemessaging!
Available for the iPhone in the App Store!

Download photovoicemessaging on the App Store
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From the makers of popular My Sketch App, with over 10 Million Downloads, now bringing you CariCartoon, the Funniest App to turn your own Photos to Colorful, Realistic, and Hilarious Cartoon Caricatures!

To begin the CariCartoon and create your caricature, you must first open the app and take a selfie. CariCartoon has guides that help you line up your face to ensure that you get the perfect selfie to create your caricature. Once you’ve snapped the selfie, CariCartoon will then have you ensure that they have detected your eyes and lips so they can perfectly fit your face on your character!

When you CariCartoon creation process, the real fun begins! You’ll see your face on a fully-customizable caricature! You’ll have the ability to change things like the skin color, hair, facial hair, headwear, and more! Once you’ve got your caricature looking the way that you want it to you can then customize the scenario and background. This will put your caricature in a one-of-a-kind setting such as western, wedding, superhero, birthday, and more!

Once you have your creation the way you want it, it’s time to share it with the world! Tapping on the save button will save your CariCartoon to your Camera Roll and give you the option to share it with your favorite social network! Once you’ve done that it’s time to create your next caricature!

Download CariCartoon on the App Store
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Solitaire TriPeaks


Solitaire TriPeaks brings the entertainment and fun of solitaire, with unique gameplay and challenges, to your Android device.


Playing solitaire can be very boring and mundane, there’s no excitement to it! Now, you can have all the excitement and entertainment of solitaire right in your pocket on your Android device with Solitaire TriPeaks! Solitaire TriPeaks includes over six hundred levels, full of challenges, secrets, rewards, and, of course, endless solitaire challenges.


You start off in Solitaire TriPeaks on the tropical Tiki Island, featuring over 15 amazing levels, with more islands to unlock as you progress through your solitaire game. Once you beat all of the levels on an island, you will advance to the next island, unlocking all of its challenging levels. Each solitaire level has a cost to play, but the payout will always make entering the board worth it.


Before entering the solitaire game, you will have the opportunity to purchase boosters for your game. These boosters include; Show ’n Tell which flips over all of the cards on the table, More Time which adds 30 seconds to the Star Timer, and Streak Doubler which multiplies your streak score by 2 for each card in the streak! These boosters will help you achieve a three-star rating on the level much easier and faster than playing regularly.


The basic rules of solitaire still apply to Solitaire TriPeaks but things are a little different. At the bottom of the screen are the cards that you are playing to. You will have to take the card at the top of the screen and play them to the deck at the bottom. For example, if you are dealt a 5 you can either play from the top a 4 or 6 to make a valid move. Once you have played a card, any available cards below that one will be revealed allowing you to complete the chain. If you can streak together more than one card you’ll get a multiplier that will help your overall score! Don’t forget that you’re being timed, be quick in all of your plays and moves.

Solitaire TriPeaks brings unique gameplay to the age old game of solitaire. You’ve never played` a game of solitaire like this, download Solitaire TriPeaks for your Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Download Solitaire TriPeaks on the Google Play Store
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Original Mahjong


Original Mahjong™ takes the No.1 Mahjong game on the Web and brings it to the iPad and iPhone, exactly the way you are used to. Now you can play your favorite Mahjong game on the go!

Playing Mahjong is very simple, the player must remove all of the tiles on the board by matching pairs. Where things get challenging is that a tile may not be removed if it has another tile to its left or right. This sounds very simple but can be very challenging when first learning to play Mahjong.

If the player is ever stuck and needs help, tapping on “Show Moves” in Original Mahjong will highlight all of the tiles that can be removed. Sometimes only two tiles can be removed but other times the player will have the choice between three or four different tiles. Remember that the tiles need to be strategically removed, removing the wrong tile could put the player in a situation where no other tiles can be removed.

Original Mahjong can also keep track of a players statistics should they choose to do so. By purchasing the “Statistics” in-app-purchase, players can keep track of how they are doing when playing Original Mahjong. The statistics will keep track of all past and present games

Put your skills to the test with Original Mahjong, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Download Original Mahjong on the App Store
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Challenge yourself with bSociable, go ahead and see just how little you can use your phone. That’s right, to collect social time and improve your status on bSociable, you must stop using your phone.

From the Social screen, you’ll be able to see all of the day’s collected social time. Time is collected from 12 am until 12 am, so a 24 hour period of time. In order to begin collecting social time you’ll have to slide the “bSlider” up, the timer will begin, and the screen on your device will dim. From here you’ll want to set your device down and interact with the world around you! If for any reason you come back to your device and exit bSociable the timer will disengage and you’ll have to restart it the next time you enter bSociable.

The History screen is where you’ll see the history of all the social time that you’ve collected. If you didn’t track a day it will not show up in the history tab, only days that are tracked will show up here. This can come in handy as it will let you know what days you are most sociable and what days you are sucked into the screen of your device!

If you ever want to see how you are stacking up against others, visit the World screen. Here you can computer your social time and targets with the rest of the world. If you love to see different figures you can even filter the results by age and gender to see how you stack up.

Ditch your device and interact with the ones that matter, download bSociable for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download bSociable on the App Store
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Use your fingers like your feet and try to score as many goals as you can in 45 seconds against the KUKA. The goalie is tough and scoring a goal is up to your imagination and creativity.

Launching KUKABALL brings players to the main screen where they can start a new game against the challenging Kuka! Tapping on Start New Game will start the 45-second timer where players will have to opportunity to score as many goals against the Kuka as possible.

The soccer ball on the screen can be “kicked” by the player by flicking their finger on the ball on the screen. They can bounce the ball off of the walls or directly sent it to the goal. The Kuka will do it’s best to block the incoming ball, so the player will have to get creative on how they kick the ball.

Once the timer has ended the points that the player score will be shown and they will have the opportunity to start a new game. KUKABALL is sure to challenge players and keep them entertained for hours on end.

KUKABALL is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Download KUKABALL on the App Store
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Turn your mobile device into a free, personal guide and transform from a tourist into a pro traveler. Explore cities, museums, tourist and cultural attractions effortlessly. Be inspired by local stories in audio guides.

izi.TRAVEL will use your current location to show Guides and Tours that you may find interesting. From the Explore menu, you will see all of the Tours that you can go into and being exploring your location. If you are looking to expand your horizons even more you can jump into the Map and see different areas of interest that are close by your current location. And if you’d like to explore a location that the editors think you’ll find interesting jump into the Editor’s Choice section.

Tapping on a tour in izi.TRAVELwill gives you a brief overview of the tour you’re about to embark on. You’ll have options to change the language you view it in, bookmark the tour, download it to your device and more. Some tours will feature Audio and Images to help enhance the experience. The Content tab of the tour will show you a list of all of the content that is provided, this means that you’ll see all of the landmarks that the tour has to offer. Each piece of Content will have its own overview, images, and audio for you to listen to and explore.

To take your experience to the next level, let izi.TRAVEL guide you with its interactive maps. While taking a tour you can open the map and watch your location indicator move as you walk along with the tour in your ears! If you want to get to a specific location let izi.TRAVEL give you directions from right with the maps as well! Touring your dream destination has never been so easy!

Enjoy the freedom of vacationing with izi.TRAVEL, available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Download izi Travel on the App Store
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Arctic Defences


Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against zombie invaders! Your team consists of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. Protect your freedom and liberty.

On each playing field, there are building zones where you can mount your defense by erecting turrets, flamethrowers, rockets, ice bunkers, and more. Each weapon that you build will take away from the resources that you start each level with but don’t worry, you’ll earn resources as you defeat zombies on the battlefield. The round will be over once the levels amount of waves has completed and the last zombie is defeated.

Arctic Defences also features some power-ups that will help you along the way. There is a dynamite bomb that will take down zombies health in a flash, a freeze bomb that will freeze all of the zombies on the field allowing your towers to hurt them without them moving, and a laser beam that will clear the entire playing field of zombies. You’ll start off with a few of these in your arsenal and once they are depleted you’ll have to purchase more with the coins that you’ve earned.

If a mission becomes too challenging for you don’t worry, you can upgrade all of your defenses from the main menu. Open the Laboratory from the bottom right corner and from here you’ll see all of the towers that you have. You’ll be able to use the coins that you’ve earned by completing missions to upgrade the weapons to be stronger. This will surely defeat those pesky zombies!

Defeat hordes of zombies across a variety of missions in Arctic Defences, available for the iPhone and iPad.

Download Arctic Defences on the App Store
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Turn your favorite text, message and photo art apps into unique expressions of your personal vibe. Stereojis has emoji’s for everyone, and can be inserted almost anywhere you can type text!

Before getting started with the Stereojis, you’ll need to enable the keyboard in your Settings. Open the Settings app, then navigate to General, Keyboard, Keyboards, and then Add New Keyboard. From this menu select the Stereojis keyboard and then you’ll be brought back to the list of enabled keyboards. Tap on Stereojis and Allow Full Access so Stereojis can be allowed to function as a system keyboard. After that’s all done, you’re good to go!

From the Stereojis, you’ll see all of the available emoji’s that are offered. There are, at the time of writing, five available emoji packs and one of them is free with download. Each pack has over 60 emoji’s that can be added to your Stereojis arsenal! Once you have purchased an emoji pack it will then be available in the Stereojis keyboard when you are using it.

When composing a message with Messages you can enable the Stereojis keyboard by tapping on the “Globe” icon next to the “123” in the bottom right corner of the keyboard. From there you’ll see all of the emoji’s that you’ve unlocked. Swiping right to view more and swipe left to go back. At the bottom of the emoji’s, you’ll see all of the packs and tapping on one of them will bring you to that pack. Once you’ve found the emoji you’d like to use tap on it and then paste it into your conversation and send that message! Boom, that’s all it takes to send your friends the most amazing emoji’s of all time!

Download Stereojis and show off your stylish side with over 80 unique emoji’s!

Download Stereojis on the App Store
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Are you a big fan of puzzle game? If yes, you need Combining. It’s easy to play but difficult to master.

Combining offers players five different stages of difficulty. You will start off on the 6×6 grid, which features 120 different levels, and each additional grid sizes will be unlocked the more you advance in the prior stage. Once you complete a stage you will be given a golden trophy to applaud your accomplishment.

Gameplay in Combining is pretty simple and straightforward. The level of difficulty will depend on the stage grid size that has been chosen, but each stage plays the same. You will have a random number of circles appear in the center of a box. That box will have missing tiles pieces that you must slide the circles into to complete the box. Sounds easy right? It can be, but there will also be times that you will have to challenge your mind to find the solution. There will be times that you must block a circle with another circle to get it in the right position or you will have to block it from going into the wall. Either way, you need to complete the wall with the given amount of circles.

If you ever get stumped in a level on Combining don’t worry, there are a couple of tools that can help you reach that final solution. The Reverse button will allow you to undo a move that you made with a circle. The Restart button will put all of the circles back to their starting positions allowing you to start the level over. Sometimes seeing the circles move in a reverse direction can help your brain better understand the positions they actually need to move in.

If you ever find yourself without an internet connection don’t fear, Combining is self-contained and can be played with or without an active internet connection. This makes it perfect for those long car trips or boring waiting rooms! Never be without entertainment and challenge, install Combining on your device now!

Combining was built to sharpen your observational and cognitive skills to make you a better thinker! Expand your brain with Combining, built for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Download Combining on the App Store
Download Combining on the Google Play Store
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Maze Fiesta


In Maze Fiesta, you must place the correct sequence of pieces on a pathway, in order to help Tina and Tim safely exit each labyrinth, and find as many special magic tickets as possible.

Maze Fiesta features over 20 worlds that you will complete to earn prizes. Each world has a certain number of levels that must be beaten in order to move on to the next world and after you’ve completed Level 16 you’ll start to earn golden ticks to earn real life prizes!

The levels feature a pathway that Tina and Tim must cross safely before the level is complete. The pathway will have missing pieces that must be filled in order for them to get across. At the top of the screen, you will see the level difficulty and number of moves that you need to complete the level in. At the bottom of the screen are the available pieces that you must use to complete the pathway and if you don’t see the piece you need tap the Spin button on the right side of the pieces and a random assortment of new pieces will appear. Be careful though, using a Spin will take away from one of your moves, use them wisely.

The golden tickets that you earn while playing Maze Fiesta can lead to you winning real prizes. From the map if you tap on the tickets you’ll be brought into the Ticket Pyramid and you’ll see how many active tickets you have and the prize that you can win. You don’t need to have the pyramid full in order to win, each ticket that you have gives you a chance to win the prize, but the more tickets that you have the better your chances of winning are. Beat those worlds and get those tickets!

Download Maze Fiesta on the App Store
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