ES File Explorer


ES File Explorer is a FREE and full-featured file manager for both local and networked use! With over 300 million users worldwide, ES File Explorer is the most powerful Android file manager in the world.

Upon launching ES File Explorer, you will be brought into the Local file browser. This is the main directory of your device, you will see all of the folders that contain information for apps you have installed, downloads, music, photos, ringtones, movies, and more. Tapping on any of these folders will advance you in the folder hierarchy, showing you what the folder stores. Tapping and holding on a folder will bring up some options allowing you to cut, copy, delete, rename, compress, share, move, encrypt, hide, and more. You can even drag a folder on top of another folder to move them around.

Swiping from the right edge of your screen in ES File Explorer will open the Windows/Clipboard drawer. In the Windows tab, you will see all of the currently open windows, by default they are Homepage, sd card, and Network. You can add new windows by tapping on the New button at the bottom of the drawer and this will allow you to add either a web page, local directory, FTP connection, or LAN connection. The Clipboard tab will show you anything that you can recently copy and list it here for quick access.

From the Homepage of ES File Explorer, you’ll see an overview of your devices storage. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a physical count of how many images, songs, movies, documents, and apps that your device currently has. Below that is a quick glance of used and free storage and if your device has the expandable storage you will see both internal and external storage. At the bottom of the Homepage will be your Bookmarks, this can be a mixture of web pages, folders, files, and directories. Tapping on one of those will quickly jump you to the location that you’ve bookmarked.

Swiping from the left edge of your screen in ES File Explorer will open up the Fast Access menu. This will provide quick access to navigational elements of ES File Explorer as well as downloadable tools and Root access. Tapping on Favorite, Local, Library, or Network from the side menu will give you quick access to the file system on your device if you are not currently on the Hompage or File Browser. This comes in handy when you are needing to jump to a location very quickly. The Tools section will allow you to enable Gestures, Show Hidden Files, Show Icon Folders, and use the Root Explorer if you device is rooted. Spend some time in this menu to get a feel for quickly navigating ES File Explorer, it’ll make getting around the file system so much faster!

ES File Explorer is the only file explorer that you’ll ever need, period! Download it for your Android devices and take back control of your device.

Download ES File Explorer on the Google Play Store
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All-In-One Toolbox


The best Android cleaner & memory booster All-In-One Toolbox, equipped with 29 Android system tools, is designed to clean up junk files, boost memory, protect private info and speed up your Android with one-tap cleaning and process killing.

When launching All-In-One Toolbox you’ll be taken to the main screen where you can see all of the mobile speed booster tools that are available to you. You have access to the Clean, Boost, and Toolbox sections of the app as well as quick glances of systems stats that show current device usages.

The Clean section of All-In-One Toolbox is a junk file cleaner for your Android device. This will allow All-In-One Toolbox to scan you device and look for caches, junk files, temp files, call logs, SMS logs, history, and more. Once all of these problematic files have been found, All-In-One Toolbox will then delete all of these files from you system thus speeding up your device.

The Boost section of All-In-One Toolbox is your mobile speed booster area. This will scan your device for all running application and process, giving you a detailed list of what’s running. You’ll then be able to Kill Selected applications and process thus freeing up device memory and CPU. You can individual check apps to kill and un-checking them will whitelist them and not kill the process/app when killing all the others.

The final area of All-In-One Toolbox is the Toolbox section. This is where you will find great tools such as App2SDcard, Batch Uninstall, Boot speed-up, File Manager, Backup & Restore, Plugins, and more. These features are great as they will give All-In-One Toolbox even more functionality than any other Android cleaner available.

Save space, clean your junk files, and speed up your phone with the best system tool available for your Android devices. Download All-In-One Toolbox on the Google Play Store.

Download All-In-One Toolbox on the Google Play Store
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Ginger Keyboard


Ginger Keyboard goes beyond the basic functionality to bring you useful and entertaining features.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.51.26 AMGinger Keyboard is not your usual Android keyboard alternative. Instead of attempting to make the typing experience faster or smarter, Ginger Keyboard doesn’t really mess with the normal typing experience, instead opting for a system-like look and feel. You get the usual QWERTY layout and function keys, with additional characters either by holding down a key or switching to the character or emoji keyboards (Ginger adds some cool additions to the emoji keyboard with stickers, GIFs, and ASCII art), and a word suggestion bar at the top.

Typing on Ginger Keyboard works exactly as expected, and doesn’t deviate too far from stock Android. Which is good, as the Android keyboard has already been refined for an excellent typing experience for mobile devices.

Where Ginger Keyboard differentiates itself is the functionality added on top of the keyboard itself. After enabling Ginger keyboard, you’ll find only a few small differences on the keyboard itself. On the top left is a shortcut button, top right you’ll find a spell check button, and on the “123” character switcher button, you will see a small gear icon.Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.47.54 AM

On new lines, you’ll find the Smart Bar the top where you would normally see word suggestions. These useful shortcuts take your productivity to a new level. With these shortcuts, we can translate, rephrase, or define text, add a new event or open the calendar, and create a new task, note, or search.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.48.30 AM When you tap on the shortcut button in the top left of the keyboard, you are presented a pane with three tabs: Games, News, and Themes. Yes, from within your keyboard, Ginger gives you all three of these things without even moving away from the app you’re in. You get a selection of three different games (Squash, a pong-like game, 2048, and Snake), Today’s news with a handful of filter options, and quick access to Ginger Keyboard’s theme store.

Ginger Keyboard goes beyond the standard mobile keyboard and provides in-line tools that will soon become a must-have part of your mobile experience.

Download Ginger Keyboard on the Google  Store
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DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver, the world’s leading batter saver, is a free battery saving Android app that makes your battery last longer! Users have gotten up to 50% more battery life on their Android phones and Tablets using DU Battery Saver. Solve your battery problems while extending your battery life with DU Battery Saver.

From the main menu of DU Battery Saver you will see the current status of your batter. Information that is displayed here includes the temperature, voltage, technology, and time life on your battery. Any usage information will be displayed below in a line graph showing peak usage of the batter. Below the time left indicator there is an Optimize button that will allow DU Battery Saver to automatically optimize your battery performance by scanning for and closing running apps, scanning usage habits, and more. Once DU Battery Saver has optimized your device it will also display suggestions that could help users save more battery life.

If you don’t want to fuss with the battery, DU Battery Saver can do it for you. The Saver tab will allow users to choose from different battery saving modes allowing DU Battery Saver to do all of the work for you. You can even add a custom mode where you can choose all of the setting you would like your device to go into to save more battery. Purchasing DU Battery Saver PRO for $2.99 will give you access to more advanced features, such as intelligent mode switching, auto clearing of apps, and, for rooted devices, cpu frequency. You’ll want to get all of the PRO features to ensure that you are getting the most out of your battery.

Download DU Battery Saver on the Google Play Store
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Need some work done but don’t have anyone to do it? Is your house a mess and you don’t have extra time to clean? Why not hire someone else to do it? WayTaskers is a marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks to local individuals who are looking to make a little extra cash. Best of all, you can set up the entire task and ensure payment right from your Android Phone or iPhone.

First launching WayTaskers will have you create and account so you can post tasks. It’s basic information that you can fill out yourself or you can import the information from your Facebook profile. Once you have your information plugged in, it’s time to create tasks that you need done. By default you can post 5 tasks for free and if you need to post more than that you can add credits to your account in the slide out menu on the left.

Creating a task is easy and takes no time at all. From the main menu simply select the category for the task you’d like to create, if there isn’t one for the task you have in mind simply pick other. Once you’ve selected the category you can give the task a title and description, try to fill this out as completely as possible as this is what people are going to base if they want the job or not on. Once you have that filled out you can then enter how much the person will be paid for the job, you can also add in additional expenses should the job require it. Next you can add a location if someone needs to show up to a physical location or you can mark it as an online/phone job. After all of the information is filled out the task will be posted and people can being bidding on it.

When you select someone to do that task it is taken off the marketplace and you can then have direct communication with the potential employee. You’re now on your way to having the extra task done by someone who you can trust. Post those pesky tasks that you don’t have extra time for on WayTaskers and take care of them once and for all.

Download WayTaskers on the Google Play Store
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Mobile Interrogator


The Easiest Way to Script Interview Questions, Record Audio/Video Answers, and Order a Background Check.

Download Mobile Interrogator on the Google Play Store
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1000+ Questions
Can’t think of any questions to ask? Mobile Interrogator has over 1000 questions stored and categorized.

Build Interview Scripts
Create a list of questions for each type of interview. Choose from our questions or create your own.

Manage Target (Interviewees)
Take a Picture, enter a name, list an email and store targets to interview. Add yourself as a Target, selfie interview and compare your answers to your friends.

Interrogate (Interview)
Ask your script of questions and get answers one at a time on-the-record using the audio/video phone recording features.

Ask two or more people the same list of questions and compare side-by-side their responses later.

Cluso created the simplest, easiest solution to order a background check from your phone. Sign up at or Contact us at 866-302-5876 to get started. A Client Account is required and the background check fees are charged to your online account.

UseTool – Converter & Calculator


UseTool combines converter and calculator in one app and lets you customize the interface by your own taste. We tried to pick for you the most frequently converted values such as currency, temperature, length, area, power, time, volume, mass, angle, area, data, speed, pressure, energy, flow, luminance, force etc. and some nice features like fuel consumption, kitchen, design and android specific metrics for people who don’t like to switch between different apps to find an appropriate conversion.

Download UseTool | Converter & Calculator on the Google Play Store
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– integrates converter and calculator in one cohesive app,
– interface customization (color, font style, background),
– saves your calculation history and conversion preferences,
– common and specific values for conversion
– usable 7 and 10 inches tablet design

Web PC Suite


Web PC Suite is a small and fast app helps you manage Android phone/tablet on PC/laptop web browser wirelessly. Web PC Suite helps you totally replace USB Cable with web browser, transfer files between Android and computer all over the air! Web PC Suite is user friendly, small, fast, clean and useful!

Download Web PC Suite on the Google Play Store
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[Main Features]
★ Full access to your phone on web, browse and manage all files, folders
★ Categories: Classify files by Gallery, Music, Video, Apps and more
★ File Operation: Manage Android on web. Support all basic operations like browse, create new, copy, cut, move, rename, sort, delete, search, refresh, set as, etc.
★ HTTPS support: Safer connection between phone and PC
★ Transfer files: Upload and download file/folder between Android Phone/tablet and PC/Laptop in a fast and convenient way. Download large file/folder as a zip from Android to computer. What a time saver!
★ Cross-platform file transfer: Want to transfer files between iPhone/iPad/Mac/Android, but the Bluetooth is too slow? Web PC Suite helps you solve the problem.
★ Play media: Play music or video files on browser on live.
★ App Manager: Double click apk file on web to install it on browser! Simple and fast! Manage all apk files, installed apps and system apps.
★ TXT viewer: Support reading your Android txt files on web
★ Batch Operation: Support batch upload, and batch download under each category
★ Fast Connect: Connect your Android on web in a fast way. Choose your favorite way to connect: Direct connect or Scan QR Code to connect under Wi-Fi network. Say Goodbye to USB cable. No wires, no worries. Direct Connection Mode is designed for devices without front or rear camera.
★ Enjoy big screen, and PC keyboard: Think your Android screen too small and not so convenient to manage files? Web PC Suite helps you manage your Android content on computer browser, and enjoy the easiness of computer keyboard and screen.
★ Useful widgets on web:
Fast upload: Drag and drop to upload
Clipboard: Enter words on web and sync it to Android
Browser: Enter URL on web and open it on Android
★ Device storage analysis
★ Desktop Widget: Add widget to your desktop to realize fast connect

[Why choose Web PC Suite?]
1 It’s the smallest (1.7 M) among all similar apps.
2 Free and no ads
3 Support all main stream browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari.
4 No driver installation required on your computer side
5 Scan QR Code to log in without typing password
6 Developed and published by GeekSoft, the developer of File Expert, a popular file manager which has generated more than 50,000,000 users all around the world, and rated as 4.5 stars on Google Play.

Notice: Please make sure your Android and PC share the same network, or you will fail to connect.

Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed

Demand more. Have it all at your fingertips. Speed – Data – Voice – Quality. With the ad-free RadioOpt Traffic Monitor you can check your 3G / 4G speed and keep an eye on network coverage and data usage on your smartphone. Integrated key-features: speed test for 3G / 4G networks, inspection of network availability and data usage monitoring. You can also manage apps with the Traffic Monitor Task Manager.

Download Traffic Monitor+ & 3G/4G Speed on the Google Play Store
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Speed test
The speed test of the RadioOpt Traffic Monitor shows you the speed and latency of your UMTS, LTE and Wi-Fi network on a speedometer, separated into upload, download and ping speed. After each test you receive an assessment of your result, comparing it to users in your region. So you can find out if you surf the net faster or slower than the rest of the world. All speed tests are archived with all details and can be accessed anytime and viewed on the integrated map view. The archived data helps you to recognize speed variations quickly.

Discover the reasons of bad network performance with Traffic Monitor! The coverage map displays network availability depending on your current position. The network coverage of each provider is shown on the coverage map for select countries, with more countries added over time.

Voice / SMS counter
Check the number and duration of your voice calls and SMS and view your predicted usage based on this data. Using the home screen widget you are always up to data on your voice and SMS usage.

Data usage
Monitor your data usage in a self-specified period of time. Therefore you can set all your details of your data plan like the starting date of your billing period or your maximal data allowance. You can also choose between weekly, monthly or 30-day billing period lengths. Traffic Monitor measures your data usage in general and by app. So you are always well-informed because Traffic Monitor warns you if you have exceeded your specified data volume. In addition, data usage abroad is shown separately so that you can track your roaming charges easily.

Task manager
The integrated task manager shows you all running apps at a glance and offers you also the possibility to close memory-consuming apps.
Traffic Monitor is for free and does not contain any ads! We are happy about positive ratings and your feedback :-). Thank you!

DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer! Get up to 50% more battery life for your Android tablets and phones with smart pre-set battery power management modes and easy one-touch controls that solve battery problems and extend battery life. It’s the simplest way to keep your Android phone working when you need it and protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps and overlooked device settings that can shorten your battery life. Over 40,000,000 users’ choice! Upgrade to PRO and get up to 70% battery power savings!

Download DU Battery Saver Android App
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>>> THE WORLD’S LEADING BATTERY SAVER & POWER MANAGER! <<< ● Global Saver — 17 languages supported (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more) ● Easy & Powerful Saver — Increase your battery life by up to 50% ● Simple Saver — Use smart pre-set battery power management modes or create your own to get high performance and great energy savings ● Convenient Saver — “Optimize” desktop widget allows you to stop power-consuming background apps with a one-touch to boost your battery life ● Fast Saver — Instantly find battery power saving problems with the “Optimize” button ● Effective Saver — Protect your battery with healthy battery charging to extend life of your battery ● Adapts to You — Automatically save energy with Smart Power settings (PRO upgrade). >>> POWERFUL FREE BATTERY SAVING FEATURES <<< ● ACCURATE STATUS — Smart technology helps you know exactly how much charge you’ve got left with detailed analysis of Android apps AND hardware (CPU, display, sensors, WiFi, radio, etc.) ● SMART PRE-SET MODES — Choose mode that fits your energy usage, or customize to find the right balance of battery life and performance using our smart battery saver: - General Mode — Save battery power even while keeping most Android services running; - Long Standby — Keeps dialing and SMS available while maximizing standby time; - Sleep Mode — Turns off most services except the clock, to save your battery power until the morning - Custom Mode — Create your own mode to get exactly the energy savings you need ● ONE-CLICK OPTIMIZE — Instantly discover and fix battery power-consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to super-tune your energy savings ● ANYTIME OPTIMIZATION — Manage background apps and Android phone hardware easily and safely with smart home screen widget (i.e. Battery level widget, Hardware switch widget, Mode switch widget); ● BETTER BATTERY DETAILS — Show Android phone battery power level by % or time remaining; ● HEALTHY CHARGE MANAGER— Track and implement healthy charging practices to keep your battery working at its best; >>> MUST-HAVE PRO FEATURES of DU Battery Saver <<< ● INTELLIGENT MODE-SWITCHING: Automatically switch smart battery saving modes based on your preferences – Battery Level — Switch to any preset mode when the battery power reaches a specific level; – Time Schedule — Switch to any smart battery saver mode based on time of day; ● AUTO-CLEAR APPS: Automatically shuts down battery power-draining apps that run in the background; – Set an Auto-Clear schedule at any interval you choose; – Protect important apps from auto-clear by adding them to the Ignore List. – Clears unnecessary background power consumption apps on screen lock ● CPU FREQUENCY (Root devices): Save even more power by reducing the speed of your Android phone’s processor when the screen locks.