Image Shrink Lite (Resizer)


Resize photos and pictures easily before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It’s the most downloaded photo/picture resizer on Google Play.
It works with “Share via” or “Send to” feature of Android OS. Please read help page in the app before using Image Shrink. I’m sure you will like how it works.

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Great Classic Cartoons

great classic cartoons

Do you remember waking up early to watch the Saturday morning repeats of old cartoons? We do, so we created an app to celebrate the retired cartoons of the past. There’s no sign-up required and the app hosts over 80 classic cartoons and movies that are available to stream whenever you have WiFi or a data connection. Once loaded, you can view a large library of movies and TV shows ranging from the early to late 1900s. Our Android app includes wildly popular movies such as The Little Shop of Horrors and Meet John Doe. With our app, your children and friends can experience the content of the big and small screen, the content that was around long before the modern age. It’s the old classics regaining life on new technology. Great Classic Cartoons is an entertaining way to pass time on your way to work, long journeys or just anytime you have a few minutes to spare. You can connect your Android phone or tablet to your TV to watch the old cartoons back on a screen – probably much larger than the screens they were originally broadcasted on!

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Apps to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief


Hurricane Sandy Relief Apps Podcast Coming Soon!

Here at Dailyappshow we are beside ourselves as we watch what has happened on the east coast of the United States due to Hurricane Sandy. Being on the other side of the United States we feel a bit helpless in situations like this. As I was thinking about all that has happened as I tried to fall asleep last night I thought to myself, apps could help in so many ways. I wonder if people are even thinking about this? When you are going through a devistation, an app might not be the first thing you think of. The truth is that there are many great apps out there that can help people through this. Just on the top of my mind are navigation, list making, survival tips, relaxation and so many more apps that could help people in certain situations.

In photos I saw online of people who were evacuated to somewhere safe, I saw people on their phones and tablets playing games and watching movies. You can count on the fact that people made it out with their smart phones and tablets. In their down time they may be searching for apps to help them out with certain things and you can bet their loved ones are searching for things that can help them too.

Below is an ongoing list of apps and their categories that can help during this time. We will do our best to add to this list and keep it up to date over the next few weeks. If a developer offers their app for free, we will make sure to list it in bold.

This list will be updated periodically, so check back as the list will grow quickly.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jerad Hill – DailyAppShow

Hurricane Sandy Relief Related Apps

Below is a list of apps and their categories. To keep the list organized we will list apps by device. At this time we have access to apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet. We will try to get access to apps for Windows Phone as well.

iPhone Apps



Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances
Simple Receipt

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes
ParkBud – Have to leave your car somewhere?
Localscope – Connect with what’s around you
My Mates Private Friends Network

Social Networking
SocialCam – Social Video Camera

Onavo – Manage Data and Prevent Overages
Download Meter
SOS My Location
Best Flash Light!


Weather Live

Health & Fitness
React Mobile

Places Around

1-Click Flashlight

iPad Apps

Apps Dedicating Funds to Hurricane Sandy Relief
Pirate Scribblebeard

A tale of a snowflake

Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes

Skitch – Take photos and make notes



Android Phone Apps

First Aid – American Red Cross
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Skitch – Take Photos and make notes
Quick Voice Reminder

HotelTonight – Get a hotel for now!
Distress Signal
Guard My Angel
Transit Times +

Accuweather – Keep up to date with the forecasts
The Weather Channel
Hurricane Software – Hurricane Tracker




Streamzoo is the ultimate photo and video sharing app! Love to take photos and record videos with your phone? Is your camera roll full of interesting and beautiful captures? Streamzoo helps you share, organize, and discover #streams of mobile photos and videos. Connect with people all over the world, discover interesting content, and organize your mobile photos and videos into streams.

Price: Free – Download
Developer’s Website



Shufflr is a cool social video app where videos will find you – spend less time searching and more time watching. It’s the best way to find, watch and talk about videos on your iPhone. See what videos your friends on twitter are sharing, discover other people with similar tastes, get personalized video recommendations, trending videos and more.

Price: Free – Download
Developer’s Website

PowerAMP Music Player


PowerAMP is a powerful music player for Android.

Key Features:
– plays mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta (* some wma pro files may require NEON support)
– 10 band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets, per-song/per-output preset assignment
– separate Bass and Treble adjustment
– 4 widgets, with album art and without
– lock screen (2 widget types) with optional Direct Unlock (to home)
– headset support, automatic Resume on headset connection (can be disabled in settings)
– visual themes
– high level of customization via settings

Price: $4.99
(Please Note: You have to download the trial version first, then you can upgrade from there.)

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picplz: Snap a pic. Apply an effect. Share with friends everywhere! 100% Free
picplz is a fun way to share your life through photos.
Style your camera photos w/ FREE retro photo effects: vintage 70s, black & white, toy camera. Similar to Instagram, Hipstamatic, Vignette +more!
Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous & Foursquare
Follow your friends & see what they are posting

Price: Free
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