Walk Score


Shorten your commute and find a walkable place to live. Named one of the 5 best apartment search tools by Lifehacker and one of 4 essential iPhone apps to help you find an apartment by Wired magazine. Walk Score is the only app that lets you search by commute time or near public transit. Search the newest apartments from Apartment Finder, HotPads, MyNewPlace, Realtor.com, Trulia and more. Walk Score also calculates the walkability of any location and shows you a map of nearby restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, and more. As seen on 30,000 real estate sites including Zillow and Trulia.

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+ Search by commute time or near public transit
+ Instantly get the Walk Score of any location
+ See the freshest rental listings from top sites
+ Customize your search: price, beds, pets, etc.
+ Find new apartments and rentals

Everything you need to find a place you love!

About Walk Score: We believe walkable neighborhoods with access to public transit, shorter commutes, and people and places you love are the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Walk Score is officially supported in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Fronto allows you to earn rewards just by waking up your phone. Just swipe. That’s it! You will discover rewards and interesting content on your lock screen. Swiping right, as always, will lead to your home screen. Swiping left will take you to a mobile webpage or to Google Play depending on the type of content shown on your lock screen. You will get reward points each time you participate in a sponsored promotion.

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What will I see on my lock screen?
1. Curated news articles that make you not bored
2. Sponsored promotions that make you earn money
3. Interesting perks and shopping info that you will love

How much do I earn rewards per one swipe?
We are doing our best to make you earn $20 monthly! To be more specific, rewards on Fronto come in the form of points, with an approximate exchange rate of 2,500 points per $1 (USD). The number of points received per swipe depends on the kind of action taken (ex. reading an article, downloading a sponsored app, following a sponsor on social media, unlocking your phone) and is determined by our unique algorithm.

How do I claim my rewards?
You can find the option to redeem your points within the app by selecting the channel you prefer: through Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, or by donating the cash to a charity of your choice (coming soon). Please note that the exchange rate from points to cash depends on the partner channel you select.



FindnSeek is a social network where you can meet new people. With over 180 million users, FindnSeek is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating! It’s free and easy to use. Find new people near you now!

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Want to have lunch with someone new? See who’s in the same nightclub? Date or find love? Or simply chat with someone nearby? Try FindnSeek now! With SeeknFind you can find someone instantly based on your geographical location at this very moment. You can find out if someone is in the same restaurant or bar, and wants to have a drink! Completely Anonymous, and totally secure!

Nearest Toilet/ Nearby Alert


Spot the nearest toilet/ open mall/ restaurants quickly & easily. Hear alert when near a thumbs-up toilet.

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Two types of toilet maps available from which you could spot open toilets or add nearby alerts; or you could simply use the auto alarm feature: With just one touch, you’ll hear an alert when near a thumbs-up toilet (=Rating/ Open/ Cost).

Want to always stay updated? No problem, instead of your car’s GPS, plug your phone into your car’s Cigarette Charger & you’ll always stay updated. If your GPS is turned on, you can run app in Battery Saving mode.

The nearby alarm feature of this app is great when not in a city in an unpopular area. Also, it’s best for you if you could mount the phone in your car (similar to mounting your car’s GPS). This way you could see the toilet list updating as you move.

Quotes and Thoughts


Thousands of quotes, answers to life’s biggest questions and other fun responses right on your Android device. Some quotes to live by and others to laugh about. Download Quotes and Thoughts today.

Download “Quotes and Thoughts” for your Android device here.

Quotes and Thoughts will surprise you: (By Quotes Software)
– Several interesting and funny quotes will amuse you or make you think.
– Read quotes daily and use the thoughts of wisdom in your life.
– There are thousands of thoughts and quotes categorized specially designed for YOU.
– Share the best quotes on your favorite social network, or send quotes via SMS.
– Get answers in short sentences that may surprise you!

* Share the quotes on Facebook timeline.
* Send thoughts through your Twitter account.
* Spread the best thoughts and quotes in your WhatsApp chats.
Ask your question and get the answers to life’s big dilemmas:
+ How can I find the true love?
+ Does money brings happiness?
+ There is a path to success?
+ Can we be happy by ourselves?
+ What are the next lottery numbers?

Airport Freaky


In this fun and addictive game you turn into an Air Traffic Controller, your responsibility is to take control of departures and arrivals directing airplanes to a safe destination.
The game offers two modes: Classic and Arcade. In the Classic mode you are prompted to guide an increasing number of airplanes to their destination as you reach new levels. In the Arcade mode there is no limit on the number of airplanes and each one that reaches its target gives points, it lasts until there is a collision or a plane is lost.
Controlling airplanes is easy, you have to tap over it and drag to select its direction.

Download Airport Freaky for your Android device here.
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Real Estate & Homes for Sale – Movoto


Movoto’s real estate app for iOS lets you access all the local MLS data, the same data used by real estate agents, to find your dream home. Search for listings by city, zip code, address, or MLS number. You can also filter listings using the same powerful criteria as the Movoto.com website.

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Guard My Angel

“Guard My Angel” is there for all those times that you feel you need someone at your side… When you go out on a blind date, drive home late at night, or just don’t feel well. We will watch over you and only in case of emergency, will notify your family and friends with the information they need in order to help you.

Download – Free

Apps to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief


Hurricane Sandy Relief Apps Podcast Coming Soon!

Here at Dailyappshow we are beside ourselves as we watch what has happened on the east coast of the United States due to Hurricane Sandy. Being on the other side of the United States we feel a bit helpless in situations like this. As I was thinking about all that has happened as I tried to fall asleep last night I thought to myself, apps could help in so many ways. I wonder if people are even thinking about this? When you are going through a devistation, an app might not be the first thing you think of. The truth is that there are many great apps out there that can help people through this. Just on the top of my mind are navigation, list making, survival tips, relaxation and so many more apps that could help people in certain situations.

In photos I saw online of people who were evacuated to somewhere safe, I saw people on their phones and tablets playing games and watching movies. You can count on the fact that people made it out with their smart phones and tablets. In their down time they may be searching for apps to help them out with certain things and you can bet their loved ones are searching for things that can help them too.

Below is an ongoing list of apps and their categories that can help during this time. We will do our best to add to this list and keep it up to date over the next few weeks. If a developer offers their app for free, we will make sure to list it in bold.

This list will be updated periodically, so check back as the list will grow quickly.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jerad Hill – DailyAppShow

Hurricane Sandy Relief Related Apps

Below is a list of apps and their categories. To keep the list organized we will list apps by device. At this time we have access to apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet. We will try to get access to apps for Windows Phone as well.

iPhone Apps



Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances
Simple Receipt

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes
ParkBud – Have to leave your car somewhere?
Localscope – Connect with what’s around you
My Mates Private Friends Network

Social Networking
SocialCam – Social Video Camera

Onavo – Manage Data and Prevent Overages
Download Meter
SOS My Location
Best Flash Light!


Weather Live

Health & Fitness
React Mobile

Places Around

1-Click Flashlight

iPad Apps

Apps Dedicating Funds to Hurricane Sandy Relief
Pirate Scribblebeard

A tale of a snowflake

Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes

Skitch – Take photos and make notes



Android Phone Apps

First Aid – American Red Cross
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Skitch – Take Photos and make notes
Quick Voice Reminder

HotelTonight – Get a hotel for now!
Distress Signal
Guard My Angel
Transit Times +

Accuweather – Keep up to date with the forecasts
The Weather Channel
Hurricane Software – Hurricane Tracker