Bingo Bash


Bingo Bash brings the entertainment of bingo and other fun mini games to your Android device.

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Playing bingo used to be a very time consuming affair, involving multiple people and lots of materials to play. Now, you can have all the excitement and entertainment of bingo right in your pocket on your Android device with Bingo Bash! Bingo Bash includes hundreds of levels, play rooms and styles, mini games, and of course endless bingo fun.

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You get started in Bingo Bash with Wonder Rooms, which feature locales from around the world, unlocking more and more rooms as you level up. Once you reach certain levels, featured rooms are unlocked for even more fun. Each bingo room has a cost and payout bracket, and the higher levels cost more, but also pay more for wins. When playing Bingo Bash, you have the option to buy one or two bingo cards using bingo chips, one of the in-game currencies. Chips are earned from playing the game by completing rounds, getting bingos, mini games, and more.

Those familiar with the rules of bingo will find themselves right at home playing Bingo Bash: you’re given a card (or two) that consists of a grid of numbers separated into five columns, one for each letter of the word bingo. One of these numbers is called out every few seconds, and if your card contains that number, you touch it to mark that number. The objective of the game is to complete an entire row, column, or corner to corner diagonal, at which point you call bingo on that card by tapping the button below each card to win! The round is finished when a set number of bingos are found.

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Bingo Bash goes beyond just bingo, and includes all kinds of prizes, gameplay variants, exotic game rooms, and additional mini games to keep you coming back for hours of entertainment. Every bingo and mini game rewards experience, and the more experience you gain, the more levels you can achieve and unlock.

Bingo Bash now exclusively includes Wheel Of Fortune bingo, bringing the world famous gameshow to enhance your bingo experience. Once unlocked, the Wheel Of Fortune room rewards winners with a chance to spin the famous wheel for big prizes.

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Deep Sea Slots – Slot Machine

Download NOW and dive into the underwater world of Deep Sea Slots. Join the lovable characters including Mr Octopus and Herbert the Turtle on their deep sea adventure! Huge payouts, WILDs and Free Spins. This slots game is always free to play! One of the most exciting and fun slots games in the app store, you won’t want to put it down.

Download Deep Sea Slots – Slot Machine on the Google Play Store
Download Deep Sea Slots – Slot Machine on the App Store
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★ Exclusive Design and Graphics Never Before Seen
★ No lobby or pop-up ads, just open and click Spin!
★ Easy to play
★ Win HUGE with “Free Spins”, “WILD”, “Big Win”, “Mega Win” or “5 of a Kind”
★ Bet 20 Lines up to 1000 Coins Per Line
★ Spin the slots like you’re in Las Vegas!
Join Mr Octopus, Flirty the Starfish, Herbert the Turtle and more to play for big slots game wins. Free to Download and Play Now!

Kosmik Revenge


Defend the galaxy with Kosmik Revenge, the fast paced space shooter, inspired from classic shoot’em up and updated with challenges, social features and advanced graphics now on your fingertips. Fight a countless number of enemies, make your way in asteroid field to collect resources, fight huge bosses with unpredictable behaviour.

Download Kosmik Revenge Android App
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Be amazed by HD definition graphics, high quality music and voices.
Upgrade your ship with many upgrades, power up with in game resources only.
Have friends playing on Facebook? See who is playing at Kosmik Revenge, get advantages like higher value resources frequent challenges and much more.
Full optimized for touch controls, also supports third-party game controllers like MOGA/MOGA PRO, Gametel, NVIDIA SHIELD game controllers.
Come play Kosmik Revenge now for a great experience!
Key features
• Shoot hordes of hostile space ships out, play classic games and two different daily challenges.
• Full HD high-dpi graphics with high end effects like motion blur, image post processing, accelerometer 3D parallax, screen shaking and more.
• Destroy asteroids and collect resources for upgrading your ship and power-ups including bullet time mode, multi-ways shot, and much more.
• 8 waves of 5 stages, with increasing difficulty.
• Online social features with Facebook : Reach the top scores, overtake you friends and watch their progression.
• Support for Google Play Games with leaderboard and achievements

Whack A Bieber


Have a blast with this amazing game, enjoy with your friends and compete for the highest scores, whether you are a fan of Justin Bieber or not, this game will make you laugh. Hang on tight to the hammer and begin whacking Justin Bieber, you can whack any character more than once, but beware of the bombs and do not hit the ladies or you will loose points. If you explode a bomb you will loose a life.

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This game is free and ad supported.
Please feel free to leave your reviews and suggestions, we will keep the game updated on a continuous basis.

Dubstep Hero


Dubstep Hero is a music rhythm game created for fans of Dubstep music. In a similar style to the popular Guitar Hero games, the gameplay is simple yet addictive.The game contains more than 20 music tracks from some of the best Russian dubstep artists and music heroes. Artists include Fast Foot, Tom Reason and BREAKING NEWS. Listen to the beat play and match the rhythm through pressing the buttons. Play until the track stops and check out your score! You must get enough points to pass each round and move on to the next awesome Dubstep music track.

Download Dubstep Hero Android App
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· Hottest hits from heroes in the Dubstep music scene
· Over 20 music tracks
· Tracks submenu with links to access tracks online and artists details
· “Custom mode” allowing you to load mp3 and WAV files from your own device or SD Card so you can play to popular artists such as Skrillex, Kill The Noize and Crizzly

If you like electronic music, dubstep and classic musical arcade games like Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Beatmania, you should DOWNLOAD DUBSTEP HERO TODAY!

Torch Runner


Ever wanted to carry the burning torch to the Olympics? Well now you can with this awesome Android app. Dodge vehicles, road blocks and collect gold coins on your way to the gold medal.

Download “Torch Runner” for your Android device.
Visit the developers of “Torch Runner”.

Rush through the streets of London and help Igor and his friends in carrying the Flame as far as you can!
Main features:
– Choose your country, collect gold medals to race your country to the top (live medal board server)
– Unlock 4 different characters! (more to come)
– Complete 50 missions to up your score multiplier
– Collect points to compete against your friends
– Collect rings on your way to shop for extras, gold medals, boosts and extra characters! The more you run the more value those rings get !
– 5 different power up will help you on your way (extra life, energy drink, score multiplier, ring pack, magnet)
– Buy extra gold medals, unlock missions or objectives if they’re too hard, buy more transporters to save you on the way and boost all power ups and even rings!

Magic Temple


You’re a young mage and you need to match the according symbols to increase your magic abilities and race against the clock!

Download “Magic Temple” for your Android device.
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Magic Temple lies in the fantastic world of the ancient elements – Earth, Fire and Ice. Only by mastering them all can you be called a true mage worthy of being a Guardian in the Magic Temple Hall of Fame.

As a young mage, your objective is to Tap & Match gems to increase the power of that particular element and finally unlock their magic to cast spells. But remember, you have just 60 seconds to create magic!

To help you in your quest, you can arm yourself with special boosts to enhance your spells and powers.
Each game is a mad rush of wits and reflexes. Act fast and keep your combos up — or risk being over shadowed by more powerful mages.

◦ Simple and exciting gameplay
◦ Absolutely no age barrier to be a magician
◦ Extremely fast-paced and highly competitive
◦ Easy to pick up but has enough challenges to engage even advanced players
◦ Provides short and quick sessions for those times you just need something to do
◦ Speed, gameplay, graphics and sound come together to provide a satisfying experience
◦ Leader boards to pit you against the world — or your friends!
60 seconds to beat your friends and compete with the best across the globe. Are you Ready?

Legend Online: Dragons

Legend Online Banner_580x340

★★★★The 15th top free app!★★★★
★★★★The 3rd Top Free Game!★★★★
★★★★The Best SLG/RPG Combo Game!★★★★
Here comes a whole new SLG/RPG experience for mobile devices! Explore the mystical landscape of a blisteringly realized fantasy realm! When the war tune plays, will you stand?

Solo Dungeon, Group Dungeon, Devil City, Solo Arena, Tax in City Hall, take you through an entire range of domination!

Enter a world of warring kings, mythical dangers and fantastic beasts with Legend Online: Dragons! Upgrade and personalize your hero, soldiers, weapons and city then lead your unique fighting force out into the world for epic PvE battles and stunning PvP clashes!

★Game Features★
– Upgrade easily in Multiple instances, dungeons and Team fights.
– Engage in titan battles for supremacy with giant-sized world-bosses -alone, or as part of a team.
– Three major classes with hundreds of skills to learn!
– Cultivate an army of heroes and soldiers for massively-multiplayer online war!
– Develop your city and guilds to level up quickly!
Legend Online puts the full MMORPG experience in the palm of your hand! Learn more here!
Facebook Page:

Download Legend Online: Dragons for your Android device here.

Triple Slots – Slot Machine by LEETCOM


Welcome to Triple Slots – the addictive slot machine for your pocket!
Triple Slots is a modern version of the beloved 3-reel, 1-payline slot machine – now in the palm of your hand! This Vegas-style slot machine is perfect for the novices and the experts of one of the most popular slot machines in recent history!
Play Triple Slots on the go and never spend a dime! Triple Slots is the 21st century version of the game featuring bright and vivid animations in-addition to all of the classic features you have come to know and love from the original game. Reels with diamonds on them will move up or down onto the payline to increase odds of winning.
Begin with 250 credits and use the on-screen controls to place your bet. Then, just press ‘Spin’ to spin the reels! See what you can win and climb the leaderboard with your highscore. Triple Slots is fun, addictive and free-to-play!
Bet the maximum amount of coins to win big – are you feeling lucky today? Feel the anticipation build and see if you are destined to win! Triple Slots is compatible with most Android devices including tablets and smartphones – download the game today and experience a casino at your fingertips!
Play today and win big – Triple Slots – the addictive slot machine game for Android!
– The most realistic and fun three reel, one payline slot machine available for Android!
– Icons with diamonds move up or down to the payline to increase chances of winning
– Start with 250 credits to use during the game.
– Place your bets and press ‘Spin’ to win big!
– Climb the leaderboard with your personal highscore!
– Stunning HD graphics

Download Triple Slots – Slot Machine by LEETCOM for your Android device here.
Visit the developers of Triple Slots here.

Stick Run Mobile | Over 40 Million likes on Facebook


Over 40 Million likes and 6 Million frequent users on Facebook! The world’s most successful endless runner – now available for your iOS device!

– What is Stick Run? Stick Run challenges players to run as far as possible through a randomly generated side-scrolling level filled with deadly obstacles. Stick Run was created by 16-year-old student Manuel Otto from Germany and became a smash hit on Facebook. The game counts over 6 million monthly active users and more than 40 Million Likes!
– How does it work? Obstacles range from single crates to stacks of them, panes of glass and rotating saw blades. Running headlong into walls of crates or any saw blade ends the game, at which point players can restart and try again. Besides the popular singleplayer mode Stick Run mobile also offers an online multiplayer mode for up to 4 players! Stick Run Mobile takes only a minute to learn, but a life to master!
Game Features
iOS version of the Facebook smash hit!

– New intuitive „2-thumbs control“
– Online multiplayer mode for up to 4 players!
– Challenge your friends
– International leaderboards
– Dozens of challenging achievements

Download Stick Run Mobile from the App Store here.