Solitaire TriPeaks


Solitaire TriPeaks brings the entertainment and fun of solitaire, with unique gameplay and challenges, to your Android device.


Playing solitaire can be very boring and mundane, there’s no excitement to it! Now, you can have all the excitement and entertainment of solitaire right in your pocket on your Android device with Solitaire TriPeaks! Solitaire TriPeaks includes over six hundred levels, full of challenges, secrets, rewards, and, of course, endless solitaire challenges.


You start off in Solitaire TriPeaks on the tropical Tiki Island, featuring over 15 amazing levels, with more islands to unlock as you progress through your solitaire game. Once you beat all of the levels on an island, you will advance to the next island, unlocking all of its challenging levels. Each solitaire level has a cost to play, but the payout will always make entering the board worth it.


Before entering the solitaire game, you will have the opportunity to purchase boosters for your game. These boosters include; Show ’n Tell which flips over all of the cards on the table, More Time which adds 30 seconds to the Star Timer, and Streak Doubler which multiplies your streak score by 2 for each card in the streak! These boosters will help you achieve a three-star rating on the level much easier and faster than playing regularly.


The basic rules of solitaire still apply to Solitaire TriPeaks but things are a little different. At the bottom of the screen are the cards that you are playing to. You will have to take the card at the top of the screen and play them to the deck at the bottom. For example, if you are dealt a 5 you can either play from the top a 4 or 6 to make a valid move. Once you have played a card, any available cards below that one will be revealed allowing you to complete the chain. If you can streak together more than one card you’ll get a multiplier that will help your overall score! Don’t forget that you’re being timed, be quick in all of your plays and moves.

Solitaire TriPeaks brings unique gameplay to the age old game of solitaire. You’ve never played` a game of solitaire like this, download Solitaire TriPeaks for your Android devices on the Google Play Store.

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Are you a big fan of puzzle game? If yes, you need Combining. It’s easy to play but difficult to master.

Combining offers players five different stages of difficulty. You will start off on the 6×6 grid, which features 120 different levels, and each additional grid sizes will be unlocked the more you advance in the prior stage. Once you complete a stage you will be given a golden trophy to applaud your accomplishment.

Gameplay in Combining is pretty simple and straightforward. The level of difficulty will depend on the stage grid size that has been chosen, but each stage plays the same. You will have a random number of circles appear in the center of a box. That box will have missing tiles pieces that you must slide the circles into to complete the box. Sounds easy right? It can be, but there will also be times that you will have to challenge your mind to find the solution. There will be times that you must block a circle with another circle to get it in the right position or you will have to block it from going into the wall. Either way, you need to complete the wall with the given amount of circles.

If you ever get stumped in a level on Combining don’t worry, there are a couple of tools that can help you reach that final solution. The Reverse button will allow you to undo a move that you made with a circle. The Restart button will put all of the circles back to their starting positions allowing you to start the level over. Sometimes seeing the circles move in a reverse direction can help your brain better understand the positions they actually need to move in.

If you ever find yourself without an internet connection don’t fear, Combining is self-contained and can be played with or without an active internet connection. This makes it perfect for those long car trips or boring waiting rooms! Never be without entertainment and challenge, install Combining on your device now!

Combining was built to sharpen your observational and cognitive skills to make you a better thinker! Expand your brain with Combining, built for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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Train Sim 15


Train Sim 15 brings you into the world of train simulation with a variety of game objectives and locales for miles of entertainment.

Launching the game brings you into the main menu, where you can access the two types of gameplay, People mode and Freight mode. In addition to picking your mode of play, the main screen includes access to your achievements, leaderboards, and shortcuts to like and share Train Sim on your favorite social networks.

Progressing through Train Sim 15 unlocks new trains to pilot and new locations to play in. In either game mode, you start out by picking a train, location, a time of day, and a weather condition.

The two modes of play have different objectives: in People mode, your main goal is to provide a comfortable train ride for passengers by maintaining speed within the limits and arriving at stations on time. In freight, the name of the game is speed management: too fast through the train stations or too slow in the country, and you won’t gain enough experience points to finish the level.

Download Train Sim 15 on the Google Play Store
Download Train Sim 15 on the App Store
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Power Word Search


Power Word Search brings new twists and challenges to the classic word search games.

In a regular old word search that you might find in the news paper, you try and find a set list of words hidden in a grid of letters. In Power Word Search for Android, you make the words yourself by switching letters on an interactive grid in two different game modes.

In Classic mode, you race the clock both to create as many words as possible as well as try to make the goal word in order to move onto the next level. Words must be a minimum of 3 letters, and it must be a real dictionary word, no prepositions, please! To create a word, swipe any letter in any direction to switch that letter with the letter you swiped towards. Once you have put a word together, tap the Select Word button and highlight the word you created, then just hit the green checkmark button. If the word matches the rules, you get both points and additional letter moves. Remember, you’re limited by both the clock, and the number of moves you can make during each round.

Power Word Search Zen mode removes the time limitation for relaxing word creation gameplay, giving you all the time you need to work the board and make the most points in search of creating the keyword that will move you up to the next level.

Don’t forget to check out the challenges page to view your current game-wide challenge progress. Meeting three new challenges will earn you a trophy, and you can compare both your earned trophies and tops scores in the global rankings where you can see the scores of everyone playing Power Word Search!

Download Power Word Search on the Google Play Store
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Bingo Bash


Bingo Bash brings the entertainment of bingo and other fun mini games to your Android device.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.26.58 PM

Playing bingo used to be a very time consuming affair, involving multiple people and lots of materials to play. Now, you can have all the excitement and entertainment of bingo right in your pocket on your Android device with Bingo Bash! Bingo Bash includes hundreds of levels, play rooms and styles, mini games, and of course endless bingo fun.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.27.45 PM

You get started in Bingo Bash with Wonder Rooms, which feature locales from around the world, unlocking more and more rooms as you level up. Once you reach certain levels, featured rooms are unlocked for even more fun. Each bingo room has a cost and payout bracket, and the higher levels cost more, but also pay more for wins. When playing Bingo Bash, you have the option to buy one or two bingo cards using bingo chips, one of the in-game currencies. Chips are earned from playing the game by completing rounds, getting bingos, mini games, and more.

Those familiar with the rules of bingo will find themselves right at home playing Bingo Bash: you’re given a card (or two) that consists of a grid of numbers separated into five columns, one for each letter of the word bingo. One of these numbers is called out every few seconds, and if your card contains that number, you touch it to mark that number. The objective of the game is to complete an entire row, column, or corner to corner diagonal, at which point you call bingo on that card by tapping the button below each card to win! The round is finished when a set number of bingos are found.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.28.09 PM

Bingo Bash goes beyond just bingo, and includes all kinds of prizes, gameplay variants, exotic game rooms, and additional mini games to keep you coming back for hours of entertainment. Every bingo and mini game rewards experience, and the more experience you gain, the more levels you can achieve and unlock.

Bingo Bash now exclusively includes Wheel Of Fortune bingo, bringing the world famous gameshow to enhance your bingo experience. Once unlocked, the Wheel Of Fortune room rewards winners with a chance to spin the famous wheel for big prizes.

Download Bingo Bash on the Google Play Store
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Bus Simulator 2015


Bus Simulator 2015 for iOS and Android tablets provides a realistic simulation of driving different buses in a multitude of environments and conditions. With two modes of play and lots of different buses and locations, Bus Simulator 2015 is sure to keep you entertained.

Launching the game brings you into the main menu, where you can access the two types of gameplay, career and free ride. In addition to picking your mode of play, you also get an overview of your stats, like XP earned, total miles and time driven, as well as access to achievements, leaderboards, and settings.

In Career mode, you work to unlock all of the buses available in the game by completing bus routes of various locales. You can drive in locations like Rome, Paris, Alaska, LA, and more! Each map also includes multiple bus routes. Each route is unlocked sequentially, and completing previous routes will unlock new ones. With each successful route completed, you earn more XP in order to unlock new buses. You can unlock schoolhouses, London double-deckers, coaches, city buses, and lots more. When you start the game, you work as a bus driver, making sure to pick up riders and bringing them safely to their destinations. You gain XP when picking up new riders, and lose XP if you go off road, have a collision, or drive recklessly.

In free mode, you can wander around the various maps using whatever buses you have unlocked in career mode, without worrying about gaining (or losing) XP.

Check out Bus Simulator 2015 on the Google Play store or the iOS App Store today.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 on the Google Play Store
Download Bus Simulator 2015 on the App Store
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No Ninja Turtle Dies


There is no rest for the heroes that we call Ninja Turtles! Darkness covers their beloved city, bringing out scum from every dark corner and crevasses. They are sent out by their Master Splinter to clean up the streets but this is no easy task! No Ninja Turtle Dies allows you to take control of your favorite heroes and clean up their beloved city.

From the main menu of No Ninja Turtle Dies you can choose to play the game either by yourself or with a friend. If you choose to play by yourself you will have four different levels of difficulty to choose from, and trust me, they are progressively harder! Rookie will allow you to control one character, and this is the easiest mode of the game. Normal allows you to control two Ninja Turtles at the same time, Nightmare allows you to control three, and Inferno allows you to control four. No matter what game mode you choose from the gameplay is the same.

When playing No Ninja Turtle Dies your objective is to get as far as you can get. Tapping on the screen will make your Ninja Turtle jump and this is key as you’ll have plenty of obstacles to jump over. When an enemy appears don’t worry, your hero will automatically defeat them, the only way an enemy will defeat you is if you jump and land on them. If you are playing with multiple Ninja Turtles on the screen you will have to tap in each section to make each individual Ninja Turtle jump! That’s where the game gets really tough.

Playing Multiplayer is really fun as it splits the screen in half and allows you and a friend to each control two Ninja Turtles at the same time. The goal here is to last longer than your friend for two out of three rounds. This all happens on one screen, no need for a secondary device to play with a friend.

Save the city from Shredders goons and become the heroes that you were destined to become! Take control of your favorite Ninja Turtle in No Ninja Turtle Dies.

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Santa’s Present Run


Santa’s Present Run is a fun casual action/arcade game. Help Santa deliver gifts by dropping presents to the houses with the matching design! But watch out for conniving crows trying to steal gifts, and be on the lookout for extra goodies to help Santa complete his mission.

– Enjoy festive artwork and custom arrangements of classic holiday carols as you lead Santa to Christmas Eve victory!
– Challenge yourself with three difficulty levels to choose!
– Unlock 30 playable levels!
– Presents and houses are matched by design, rather than color, so color-blind players can enjoy the game as well!

Tracklist includes:
– Jingle Bells
– Deck the Halls
– Joy to the World
– and several original tunes!

Download Santa’s Present Run on the Google Play Store
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Brainy Dogs


Puzzle and casual app lovers around the world who are looking for a refreshingly different – and extremely addictive – new way to challenge their intelligence, test their tactical skills, enjoy hour after hour of stimulating fun, and finally see if their brain is smarter than a dog’s brain then you are at right place. Brainy dogs are extremely intelligent, strong, cute and hard to defeat. This game is a challenging tile based latest puzzle game where you need to use your brain to capture dog and stop him to get bone.

Users who succeed in out-witting their dog climb to the next level and face an even more dicey challenge. In total, Brainy Dogs has over 120 levels and 5 unique and colorful universes: Backyard Safari, Beach Fun, Snow World, Disco Night and Moonwalk.

So enjoy a brainstorming and thrilling game experience.

Download Brainy Dogs on the App Store
Download Brainy Dogs on the Google Play Store
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Brainy dogs features:

  • Play against 5 intelligent dogs breeds.
  • One touch control.
  • Long hours of stimulating fun.
  • Unique and intuitive gameplay that is easy to learn.
  • Power-ups, which effectively make dogs less intelligent — and therefore easier to defeat.
  • Explore five unique universes!
  • 120+ levels of challenging puzzles!
  • Constantly free power-ups as rewards to CLAIM!
  • The ability to connect with Facebook friends without leaving the app.

Real Driving 3D


Love driving cars? Then go for Real Driving 3D! Get the pleasure of racing your dream car with the most stunning interiors, featuring rear view mirrors and windscreen wipers. Beautiful graphics with realistic scenarios will make the game an addictive one for all those who love to drive. Race against time, escape the police or test your reflexive skills! Amazing physics engine that can deliver the most realistic racing fun possible. A new car racing experience for all the simulator fans!

Download Real Driving 3D on the App Store
Download Real Driving 3D on the Google Play Store
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-Realistic Driving and Racing
-Amazing car interiors
-Rear view mirrors and windscreen wipers!
-Stunning world scenarios
-Best physics engine with real crashes
-Simple car controls
-Police Pursuit
-Lots of challenges to complete
-Many achievements to get
-Challenge your friends with online scoreboards

Lost Treasure 2

Lost Treasure 2 provides enriched gameplay experience. Explore in the ghost ship to defeat enemies and seek for unknown treasure, and vanquish raiding pirates and other island owners, challenge the ancient dragons for their dominance. In this world with fierce war, the only way to protect your land and defeat powerful enemies is to fight on and on.

Download Lost Treasure 2 on the Google Play Store
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The strategy gameplay is full of fun as well. You are about to enjoy the power of ruling your own kingdom with various buildings, different growing system, optional emphasis on political, military and economy. Add friends, build guild, explore the world with other hundred of thousands of island owners.

The horn of war is calling. Gather up your fleets, island owners, the world is await for your control.

Make Them Jump


Make Them Jump is a simple game, addictive and totally free. Your goal is to make all the men jump over the obstacles.

Download Make Them Jump on the Google Play Store

You can play with 5 different levels, each one harder than the last :
– Arcade : start with one man and go up to five men to make them jump
– Normal : 2 men to make them jump
– Nightmare : 3 men to make them jump
– Hell : 4 men to make them jump
– Inferno : 5 men to make them jump