Salary Comparison Calculator


Salary Comparison Calculator compares and contrasts salaries factoring tax, pension contributions and other perks to give you the overall real value of your current and perspective jobs. Salary Comparison Calculator only works with the UK Tax system and will not function correctly in other countries.

The Real Value Calculator will take your current job and new job and pit them against each other! On the Current Job calculator, you will be asked to fill in your current salary, pension contribution, commission, perk value, and student loan. The pension contribution will be the percentage of your salary that you pay towards your pension and the perk value will be the estimated value of any untaxable perks of your current job. Once you have filled all of this information in it’s time to move on to your New Job calculator!

The New Job calculator works the same way as the Current Job calculator, you will have to fill in all of the information for your new job. Once you’ve filled in all of the information for your new job, Salary Comparison Calculator really shines!

The Real Value Calculator will take all of the values that you input into the Current Job and New Job calculators and compare them side-by-side for you to see. This will give you a realistic representation on what you can expect to take home, pay taxes, pay in pension, and more with your new job. You won’t be worried or shocked when you get your first paycheck from your new job, Salary Comparison Calculator will have prepared you on what to expect! From the Real Value Calculator you can then reset all of the information and start over should you wish to do so.

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NetSuxxess Contracts


If you often find yourself loosing track of all of the contracts that you have then NetSuxxess Contracts is for you. With NetSuxxess Contracts you can add all of your contracts to your mobile device so you can always keep tabs on them. Add in all of the important information, snap photos of the contract, and set reminders all within the app. Keeping track of all of your contracts has never been easier than with NetSuxxess Contracts.

Upon opening NetSuxxess Contract you will be taken to the screen where you can see all of the contracts that you’ve entered. From here if you tap on one of the contract you will be taken into the contract where you can see all of the vital information such as partner, status, value, period, consultant, and more. If you wanted to create a new contract from the main screen tap in the top right hand corner and select new, from there all you will have to do is fill out all of the information. From the contract page, tap in the top right hand corner and you will be able to take a photo of the paper contract and attach it to the contract in NetSuxxess Contracts.

If you’re the kind of person that tends to forget when a contract is due or ending then the Reminders section of NetSuxxess Contracts is going to cover your back. When creating a contract you can enter in the end/due date and NetSuxxess will take it from there. There are default time periods built into the app that will automatically send you a reminder 10 days and 5 days before action is required. If you would like you can even go into the settings and set up custom time intervals if you would like to.

NetSuxxess Contracts has a server integration feature that will allow to you to exchange data between your devices (export/import). All you have to do is request a password from NetSuxxess and once you receive it you can then enter in the password in the Settings of the app and everything will begin syncing the reminder information to the server. This is a free service that is available but it is to be used at your own risk

Never lose sight of your contracts again! Download NetSuxxess Contracts for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!

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NetSuxxess Contracts


Are you keeping careful track of your contracts? Do you remember each of your partners? Do you know the deadline for cancelling your contracts on time? Millions of contracts exist without being actively managed. Losing track of contracts, subscriptions and cancellations will cost you money. NetSuxxess Contracts lets you keep a watchful eye on all your contracts and subscriptions.

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This app provides the following functions:
– Managing contracts, subscriptions and cancellations
– Managing relations with business partners and consultants
– Updating the status of each contract (e.g. “signed” or “to be cancelled”)
– Assigning a monetary value per period to each contract (e.g. 100 USD/month)
– Assigning critical dates to each contract (e.g. “prolongation date”)
– Attaching important contract pages to each contract (using Camera or Photos)
– Sending emails to business partners and consultants (e.g. for cancellation)

MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker


For all lovers of larger tax returns, MileBug is a beautiful app that makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad! A great mileage tracker! IRS tax deduction rates are 56 cents/mile for 2014! Take advantage of these rates by keeping track of the miles you drive for your businesses, for charities, or for personal medical reasons. With Milebug, it’s never been easier to make a trip log!

iPhone App Demo

iPad App Demo

Android App Demo

Download MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker iPhone App
Download MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker Android App
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• Track miles/km for MULTIPLE businesses!
• Track miles/km for MULTIPLE charities!
• Track miles/km for “Medical” or even “Other”!
• Tracks your trips using GPS (full path on map)
• Data backup
• Choose km vs miles in Settings
• Track expenses – create your own categories
• Use Frequent Trips to save time
• Setup multiple vehicles…and name them!
• INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: km/miles, custom rates, etc.
• Odometer screen updates when changing vehicles
• Automatically opens to Edit for incomplete trip
• Designed to be IRS compliant
• Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
• Easily edit/delete/reorder Presets (see blog for more info:
• Email HTML and Excel-friendly (CSV) reports
• Define date range of each report
• See report totals by business and vehicle
• Presets allow for trip recording with simple finger taps
• Clear Trips List when you want a fresh start
• See the deduction amount for each trip
• Incomplete trip badge on home screen icon
• Intuitive native iPhone/iPad interface
• Choose start screen in Settings
• How few miles will it take *you* to pay for MileBug?

SEE OUR BLOG: (leave comments!)

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
* Cellular data plan required for proper use of GPS

Apps to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief


Hurricane Sandy Relief Apps Podcast Coming Soon!

Here at Dailyappshow we are beside ourselves as we watch what has happened on the east coast of the United States due to Hurricane Sandy. Being on the other side of the United States we feel a bit helpless in situations like this. As I was thinking about all that has happened as I tried to fall asleep last night I thought to myself, apps could help in so many ways. I wonder if people are even thinking about this? When you are going through a devistation, an app might not be the first thing you think of. The truth is that there are many great apps out there that can help people through this. Just on the top of my mind are navigation, list making, survival tips, relaxation and so many more apps that could help people in certain situations.

In photos I saw online of people who were evacuated to somewhere safe, I saw people on their phones and tablets playing games and watching movies. You can count on the fact that people made it out with their smart phones and tablets. In their down time they may be searching for apps to help them out with certain things and you can bet their loved ones are searching for things that can help them too.

Below is an ongoing list of apps and their categories that can help during this time. We will do our best to add to this list and keep it up to date over the next few weeks. If a developer offers their app for free, we will make sure to list it in bold.

This list will be updated periodically, so check back as the list will grow quickly.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to those effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Jerad Hill – DailyAppShow

Hurricane Sandy Relief Related Apps

Below is a list of apps and their categories. To keep the list organized we will list apps by device. At this time we have access to apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet. We will try to get access to apps for Windows Phone as well.

iPhone Apps



Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances
Simple Receipt

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes
ParkBud – Have to leave your car somewhere?
Localscope – Connect with what’s around you
My Mates Private Friends Network

Social Networking
SocialCam – Social Video Camera

Onavo – Manage Data and Prevent Overages
Download Meter
SOS My Location
Best Flash Light!


Weather Live

Health & Fitness
React Mobile

Places Around

1-Click Flashlight

iPad Apps

Apps Dedicating Funds to Hurricane Sandy Relief
Pirate Scribblebeard

A tale of a snowflake

Calcmoolator – Help budget your finances

Route4Me – Improve Multi-stop Driving Routes

Skitch – Take photos and make notes



Android Phone Apps

First Aid – American Red Cross
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Skitch – Take Photos and make notes
Quick Voice Reminder

HotelTonight – Get a hotel for now!
Distress Signal
Guard My Angel
Transit Times +

Accuweather – Keep up to date with the forecasts
The Weather Channel
Hurricane Software – Hurricane Tracker


MetaTrader 4


One of the most popular Forex trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, is now available on your Android phone or tablet absolutely free of charge. Trade currencies with any of 800+ servers of brokerage firms that use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. With this application, you can control your account and trade in the financial markets.

Download – Free

MetaTrader 5


MetaTrader 5: Trade Forex and Stocks at any time, at any place!
MetaTrader 5 is a mobile trading platform designed for Forex and Stock market trading. The application allows you to connect to a broker, receive quotes, make financial deals, and check your trading history. All of that is free of charge and available to you from anywhere in the world!

Download – Free



“MileBug is a mileage tracker for your iPhone or iPod Touch that makes it super easy to. . .track your mileage. This is great if you need to report your mileage to your boss. . .the [IRS]. . .or for any personal reasons.”

iPhone Store Link
Android Store Link
Windows Store Link

Currency Change Converter


Currency Change is a foreign exchange broker and money transfers provider for companies and private Individuals.
You can register for free with us to save money on your foreign exchange transactions. We accept money only by transfer from your personal or company bank account, no cash or cheques. When maximizing the value of your money, it is essential to find the best exchange rate and choose the payment options that will protect you from currency fluctuations. This is where we can help and offer expertise.

Download – Free