Rounds Video Chat & Group Call


Rounds Video Chat & Group Call not only lets you chat, but interact with your circle of friends through audio, video, text, games, and more!

Rounds Video Chat & Group Call gives you completely free voice and video calling and messaging on your Android device. You can even start group video chats and messages. Once your chatting, there are tons of ways to enhance the experience and interact in new ways. Then keep the good times going with Rounds’ group chat feature.

Since Rounds connects through Facebook, finding your friends is easy. Friends that are already using Rounds show up automatically in the friends list, and you can invite any of your Facebook friends with a couple quick taps.

Once you’re live with one or more of your friends, Rounds does more than just video: play a competitive game right on the screen. Games include current favorites, as well as the classics like Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon. Rounds doesn’t stop there, you can watch a YouTube video simultaneously, take and share photos, draw on the screen, and apply live video filters.

Rounds Video Chat & Group Call makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends, and is sure to earn a permanent spot on your Android device.

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Mail Wise – Email for Exchange & Hotmail +


Mail Wise is the Android mobile email client that combines your inboxes and helps you be more productive.

Mail Wise brings the power of a desktop email client to the straightforward simplicity of a mobile app to provide you with the fastest distraction-free way to process and act upon your email. Mail Wise lets you log in with every major email service, including Gmail and Google Apps, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and includes full Exchange compatibility.

Once signed into all of your accounts, managing your email is easy with the unified inbox, which combines the inboxes of all your attached accounts in one place. The unified inbox provides an easy way to distinguish between your various accounts’ emails using color indicators.

Taking action on all of your emails right from the inbox is also a snap using gestures and shortcuts for all of the most common actions. Swipe right on an email to reveal a menu with buttons for deleting, archiving, moving, and starring emails. Swipe left to quickly archive emails that don’t need your attention.

Email conversations are laid out in an easy to read format that removes the unnecessary and puts the real message in a chat-like timeline. When you’re in a back-and-forth email conversation, you don’t need to see things like headers, signatures, and previous emails, so Mail Wise intelligently hides those in conversations where you don’t need them.

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ccPing is a personal messenger that will allow you to send messages securely everywhere. Worried that unwanted people may read your messages? Secure chat function can help you out. ONLY you and your partners, who know the password, can access the secure messages. ccPing allows you to create a secure and a normal conversation with the same contact simultaneously.

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ccPing – A Personal Messenger

– Concurrent devices
This is an ideal feature for road warriors. At the same time, you can login to one UNIQUE ccPing account anywhere from ANY devices (PC desktop, web chat and smartphones) without missing any messages even when you move from the old phone to new one. ccPing now supports iOS and other platforms.

– Auto messages expiry
ccPing gives you options to send messages which will automatically be deleted after a period of time. This kind of messages will disappear forever from all the devices and the ccPing server. Auto messages expiry is another shield, prevent your messages from being read after expiring.

– Secure deletion
You have just sent a message then want nobody to see it, this function will save you. Your messages will not only be deleted away from your devices but receivers’ also. ccPing gives you a chance to undo your action.

– Clouds storage
All your files transferred will be uploaded to Dropbox or ccPing sever, depends on your choice. No more worries of missing data or files being touched by other people as Dropbox backs it up. Other clouds storage will be launched soon.

– Standard features
ccPing will automatically check and sync your address book with your permission then you are FREE to start chatting with friends who are using ccPing either in individual or in group. More than text, ccPing also allows Voice memo, just press the record button and leave the rest for ccPing, your voice record will be sent.


-Does the application only work on iPhone?
Currently we only support iPhone and other platforms. You can try it at

-Does the application only work with devices that have installed the app?
Yes, it will only work with devices that have installed the app

-How does the push notification work in the app? What is the function of it?
Push notification is to send offline message to user. If user is offline, and another user sends a message to him, he will receive the push notification. The push notification is limited to maximum 1 push per 15 seconds per user so that it will not flood the client machine.

-How does you app send free SMS messages?
We do not send free SMSes. Our app sends message via WIFI or 3G network (carrier data charge applied). We just make the app as easy as possible for users to use it so that they can feel as if they are sending/receiving an SMS. However, it is not an SMS but a message sent over the (WIFI/3G) network.

Call Recorder | Total Recall 2


Call Recorder | Total Recall 2 is the easiest and most secure way to record phone calls in, out and with the microphone of your phone. Download the app today in the Google Play store for your Android device.

Total Recall 2.0 | Call Recorder for Android | 30 Day Trial | No Ads, No Spamware

The #1 REAL Call Recorder for Android is now even better! Total Recall by Killer Mobile (R) has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer not just an infinitely better user experience, but under the hood has been developed to provide the most reliable & powerful call & voice recorder available on the market – Guaranteed. Plus Total Recall is packed with features that other apps simply don’t offer such as Auto Sending the recordings, Fully Configurable Clip Naming & a User Friendly in-call recorder widget.

* Already a Paid Total Recall user? Email us at with your order number & IMEI & we’ll license this version of Total Recall FREE!

Unlike most Call Recorders that simply record the call audio from your Microphone (at low volumes) Total Recall is designed for TRUE CALL RECORDING, which results in audio from both sides of the call on compatible devices. The quality difference is huge. When Call Recording is truly important, Total Recall is the only Android Call Recorder You Can Trust. Plus Total Recall is backed by Killer Mobile(R) a US based developer that’s been around since 2003.

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CallzApp is a REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNICATIONS APP for the Android Smartphones.
WHY USE CallzApp:
★ CallzApp facilitates PRIORITY ASSOSIATED CALLS – The ONLY application in the whole world
which made it happen.
All other Communication applications provide just one type of call. The receiver of the call never has a clue of the priority.
But, with CallzApp user could make FOUR types of calls- ‘Emergency Call’, ‘Urgent Call’, ‘Important Call’ and ‘Casual Call’ of which the first three are priority calls.
How does the receiver know the priority?
When the call arrives on the phone, the receiver will be shown the priority of the call –‘Emergency Call’, ‘Urgent Call’ or ‘Important Call’ on the incoming call screen. Now the user could respond based on the priority. Call logs also will show the priority of the call for all the calls received.
If the receiver does not have CallzApp installed, an SMS with the priority information will be sent along with the call.
★Priority Calls from CallzApp are ‘NEVER MISSED’.
Even if receiver’s phone is switched off for hours, once the mobile is connected again, they will be alerted about all the missed calls with priority. Users could see all the calls in the call log with the corresponding priority.
If the receiver does not have CallzApp installed, they will get SMS with the priority information of the call.
And hence no priority calls are ever missed!!!
Users could send and receive priority associated SMS – ‘Emergency’, ‘Urgent’ and ‘Important’.
All the CALL and SMS log records will have the Colour coded priority tagging – Emergency(Red), Urgent(Orange), Important(Yellow) or Casual(Green).
All the contact in the contact list has details of last Call and SMS communication with the contact and the communication status which are < Week, < Month, < Quarter or > Quarter
There is a special screen provided for calls to National Emergency Services – Fire, Ambulance, Police and National Emergency. A Personal Emergency Contact also is provided.
Once the numbers are stored, National Emergency Service calls are JUST 3 CLICKS AWAY.

Download CallzApp for your Android device here.

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Contactive | App available on Android


Identify millions of unknown callers before you even answer the call with Contactive’s Universal Caller ID! It collects information from your social media networks, publicly available sources, and Contactive’s Global Directory to show who’s calling before you even answer the call.
▶ Universal caller ID – Identify hundreds of millions of unknown callers before picking up the call.
▶ Merge contact information from your social networks for an address book that is updated in real-time.
▶ Always have something to talk about. Get a cheat sheet of your contacts’ latest updates in the moment that matters.
▶ Our growing list of sources include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google +, WhatsApp, Tango, Skype, Yelp, Google Places, and Contactive’s Global Directory
***TechCrunch: “Contactive acts as a new kind of caller ID”***
***XDA Developers: “Contactive exceeds expectations in user friendliness and features.”***
***CNET: “Contactive is like a cheat sheet for incoming calls”***
Contactive is based out of SoHo, New York City and is subsidiary of SingTel’s Digital L!fe Group. We are a small team of big brains made up of brilliant designers, marketing folk, and engineers who specialize in machine learning. Together, we’re working to replace phone numbers with meaningful pieces of our lives and to shape the future of mobile communications.

Download Contactive for your Android device here.
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MessageMe: Free Texting & Chat


Staying connected in a meaningful way makes us happy. Sharing our thoughts, emotions and stories is what makes these connections rich and real. And in the world where everything is moving too fast, MessageMe offers you a way to connect and express yourself instantaneously and with as much creativity as you can handle. With MessageMe, it’s up to you and your imagination, how you will chose to connect, share and express yourself: it is no longer just about SMS, it’s about having complete freedom in making an authentic connection. Download MessageMe and share your voice through music, videos, photos, drawing doodles or sharing your location. With MessageMe your instant message will be so fast, you won’t believe it.

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VPHO is a fully featured application that lets you make FREE phone calls, videocalls and videoconferences. You can also send free text messages, audio messages, photos, video messages and files to other users that have VPHO installed. VPHO comes with a unique and friendly user interface and can be used with both 3G or Wi-Fi.

Download VPHO from the iTunes App Store
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On Call


Accept calls from only your On Call contacts and block the rest when On Call is activated. OnCall for Android provides completely selective calling features so only important contacts will be able to reach you when needed. With OnCall, you can set up a favorite contact list and add your most important contacts. Once you add someone, OnCall gets activated. After that, only your active selected OnCall contacts will be able to connect with you.

Download – Free