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Speck iPhone 5 Cases

Speck iPhone 5 Cases

Speck is one of the top case manufactures for the iPhone 5 and a plethora of other devices. They are our case of choice here at iCopilot. Below we have compiled a list of cases that Speck offers on Each case comes in a variety of colors, chances are that you’ll find the perfect case to cover your iPhone 5 with.

Speck-iPhone-CandyShellCandyShell Glossy

Two delicious layers of protection come together in this slimmer-than-ever single-piece iPhone 5 case. Two-toned color combinations make this CandyShell case a truly impressive piece of eye candy.

Colors Available: White/Blue, White/Grey, Purple/Green, Pink/Black, Grey/BLue, Blue/Pink, Grey/Pink, Black/Slate

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Speck-iPhone-CandyShell-GripCandyShell Grip

Gamers, texters and butterfingers are in for a treat. CandyShell Grip cases combine protection and gripping bands of color to make sure the situation never gets out of hand.

Colors Available: White/Blue, White/Black, Pink/Black, Yellow/Blue, Blue/Pink, Black/Grey

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Speck-iPhone-CandyShell-FlipCandyShell Flip

Our CandyShell Flip case double dips the iPhone 5 in slim-fitting protection and fun. Simple docking is the secret ingredient in these appealing two-toned iPhone 5 cases.

Colors Available: White/Blue, White/Grey, Pink/Black, Pink/Grey, Blue/Pink, Black/Slate

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The SmartFlex Card case is a slick, supple choice for your on-the-go lifestyle. When carrying a wallet is too much, our SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case makes a clever companion.

Colors Available: Red, Green, Grey, Purple, Black

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FabShell wraps fashion and protection into one chic iPhone 5 case. With patterns and colors aplenty, this FabShell case gives your iPhone more than a little haute couture.

Patterns Available: ColorBar Arctic, DigiTribe Pink/Blue, FreshBloom Coral Pink/Black, Lovebirds Teal, MegaPlaid Black, MegaPlaid Mulberry/Black, MegaPlaid Spectrum

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The PixelSkin case grips your iPhone 5 – and hands – securely with a lightweight, no-slip rubbery layer of pixel-perfect protection. With a stunning line-up of bright, bold colors, PixelSkin’s awesomeness is off the grid.

Colors Available: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black

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Speck-iPhone-PixelSkin-HDPixelSkin HD

The slim and smooth PixelSkin HD cases deliver high-def style in each grippy tile. Its classic, rich colors give this iPhone 5 case a sophisticated look that complements every pixel.

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Grey, Purple, Black

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