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Create Music Playlists on the Go

Create Music Playlists on the Go

When using your iPhone to listen to music going from album to album can get boring at times. What about if your use your iPhone when you’re at the gym and want to listen to an assortment of music? The best and easiest thing that you can do is to create a music playlist of all of your favorite songs to listen to.

If you open the Music App on your iPhone it will take you to the iPod Controls and allows you to see all of the music that you’ve synced to your iPhone. At the bottom of the screen is the menus where you can select from Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs, and More. Selecting Playlists will take you into the Playlists menu where you can select from playlists that are synced onto your iPhone. If you want to quickly make one without having to sync it to iTunes you can select Add Playlist from the top of the Playlist Menu and you can create one. You’ll be prompted to title the playlist and then from there you can select the songs in your music library that you would like to add to your playlist. Once you are done adding songs to the playlist you’ll need to tap Save and then you can being listening to your custom playlist.

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