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New Year, New You Course Announcement

New Year, New You Course Announcement

New Year, New You Course Description

Coming into a New Year is the time where a lot of resolutions to change are made. Many people want to loose wait, spend more time reading, get a new job, become more organized, spend more time with family…the list goes on. With 2013 right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about making some resolutions for this next year.

After the beginning of the year, many people start off strong with their New Years resolution, that’s because it’s at the forefront of their minds. But after a period of time many resolutions that were made fizzle and die to never be seen or heard of again. The great thing is that there are many Apps on the App Store that can help us keep our resolution going strong all year long.

Below you’ll find a list of Apps that we’ve compiled to help you Get Organized, Get Fit, and Get a Job in this New Year. Some of them are available on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, we’ve covered each edition of the App so if you only have one device we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner to the Mac, iPhone, or iPad you’ll fit in just fine.

Good luck with your New Years Resolutions and Happy New Year!

The New Year, New You Course is available for FREE on

Course Details: Author: Jerad Hill & James Horton – Released: December 28, 2012

New Year, New You Table of Contents

iPhone Apps

    1. Bills On Your Table
    2. Clear
    3. Day One Journal
    4. How to Get a Job
    5. Gorilla Workout
    6. How to Cook Everything iPhone Edition
    7. Career Builder Jobs
    8. Lose It!
    9. MindNode
    10. My Fitness Pal
    11. My Net Diary
    12. Nike+ Running
    13. Resolutions 2013
    14. RunKeeper
    15. Weightbot
    16. Word Wit

iPad Apps

          1. Bills On Your Table
          2. Day One Journal
          3. Gorilla Workout
          4. MindNode
          5. My Fitness Pal
          6. My Net Diary
          7. Unstuck
          8. White Noise Pro
          9. Word Wit
          10. All-In Yoga

Mac Apps

            2. Day One Journal
            3. Clear

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Husband, Graphic Designer, Apple Guy, and Coffee Addict. Spends time digging deep into the Mac and iOS so you don't have to. Connect with me more on one of my sites.

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