Best iPhone Social Networking Apps

When searching through the App Store the one thing, other than the price, that people are looking for is the best App for a specific category. Whether it’s a Photo App or Social App or Music App people want the best and the best ones are usually the ones that stay on their device.

It can be the Apps functionality that makes it the best. It can also be the design of the App that makes it the best. And don’t forget it can also be the simplicity that makes an App the best. There are many factors that go into giving an App the title of being the Best App but it is something that everyone does. Sometimes the Best Apps are also our favorite ones.

Below we are going to take a look at what it would mean to be the Best iPhone Social Networking App.

This will be an ongoing series as we take you through the iPhone App Categories.


Best iPhone Social Networking Apps

When it comes to staying active on social networks on the iPhone there are many factors to consider. We are going to tell you what you should look for when looking for the Best iPhone Social Networking Apps.


Social Platform

One of the first things that you have to consider when choosing a Social Networking App is the actual social platform. This is going to be the network where you and all of your friends, family, and colleges connect and you need to make sure that there are going to be people there to interact with. You will have to sign up for a service and you’ll need to make sure that this is a social network that you trust with your information. It’s too easy to sign up for everything and forget that you have an account somewhere and leave all of your information online somewhere you don’t want it. There are plenty of popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr, etc. You can sign up for as many as you like but keep in mind what you share and where you share it at.



The interface and design of an App is going to be a major factor when selecting your best iPhone apps. An App can have a beautiful design but can lack functionality, it needs to be your goal to find the best of both worlds. A great interface will make an App easy to use and navigate through and a great design will make the App look nice. One design standard that has become popular is slide out menus from the left and right hand sides, this makes is nice as the content that you are looking for stays the focus and if you need more you can slide out a menu. Design and interface isn’t everything but if it’s one of the best apps then it’s going to need to look nice.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications should be a standard feature when selecting the Best iPhone Social Networking App. Push Notifications all you to have the App close and be notified when someone sends you a response, comment, message, or any activity that happens on your social network. There are some Apps that have amazing designs, features, and options but lack push notifications. If this isn’t something that interests you then there is no need to worry but if you like to keep up on everything this you need to make sure the App has this feature.


Editing Options

Being on a Social Network you’ll have some sort of profile that you can edit. Editing this from a web browser is the obvious way to go about this as that is probably where you signed up in the first place. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could edit your profile on the go? You’ll want to find an App that has the ability to edit some features of your profile that way you can keep the most recent information up to date no matter where you are. Some Apps will just let you see your profile but won’t let you edit it, so keep that in mind when looking for the Best iPhone Social Networking App.



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