Best iPhone Books Apps

When searching through the App Store the one thing, other than the price, that people are looking for is the best App for a specific category. Whether it’s a Photo App or Social App or Music App people want the best and the best ones are usually the ones that stay on their device.

It can be the Apps functionality that makes it the best. It can also be the design of the App that makes it the best. And don’t forget it can also be the simplicity that makes an App the best. There are many factors that go into giving an App the title of being the Best App but it is something that everyone does. Sometimes the Best Apps are also our favorite ones.

Below we are going to take a look at what it would mean to be the Best iPhone Books App.

This will be an ongoing series as we take you through the iPhone App Categories.


Best iPhone Books Apps

When it comes to reading books on the iPhone there are many factors to consider. We are going to tell you what you should look for when looking for the Best iPhone Books Apps.



In Books Apps you are going to want to be able to customize the interface a little bit, such as changing the font size or changing a theme. These can come in handy because a different font may make the book easier due to the font being easier for you to understand. A benefit to changing a book theme is that you can have a “light” theme for the day that is easy on the eyes and a “dark” theme for night that is easy on the eyes. Most Book Apps have these options but you want to make sure the one that you use has some form of customization.


Ease of Use

Having a Book App that is easy to use is going to be key. Each Book App is going to work differently because of the developer that has made it. Some developers want to push extra content into the App instead of just delivering the content that you want. With an easy to use App you’ll want to be able to get right into your books and begin reading. Read some of the review of the App before you download it and look at the screenshots, it’ll help you decide if the App is going to be easy to use.


Book Store

Most of the Book Apps are going to be free but will require you to purchase books through the App. Once you’ve decided on which App you’re going to use you then need to decide on which book ecosystem you are wanting to be a part of. Providers such as iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Stanza all have their own bookstore that you are going to purchase books through. Books cannot transfer from App to App so you need to decide which App you like best and buy your books through that one. You make even like more than one and purchase through more than one but they will remain in that App alone.



If you have more than one device that you are wanting to read your books on then you are going to need some sort of Syncing options. With some Books Apps they will sync you positions, bookmarks, highlights, etc. This comes in handy because you can quickly pick up where you left off on another device and it usually does it for you automatically. Syncing is a must have feature for people with multiple devices.


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