A visually appealing, efficient, integrated platform for your locations, Contacts, Reminders and Photos: (1) save your favourite locations, plan trips and get directions; (2) add existing Contacts and Photos to pin!Down; (3) take Photos and create Contacts and Reminders for your pin!Down locations; (3) manage and edit your information in one place to keep organized and share with friends.

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Blipp – GPS Location Sharing


New GPS location sharing app stores & shares your most mappable moments.
There are so many places in life that become special to you – the place you were proposed to, the place you went on your first date, the place you hit a hole in one, the place you went SkyDiving! All of these locations become the points on the map of your life and now, for the first time with a mapping app, you can track and location share them all from one place with Blipp.

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Aspira Says


Want to feel uplifted, inspired, or comforted? With its 100% original content, this app sends you messages to keep you on track and feeling good. Via your lockscreen, a new message is delivered to you twice a week for a whole year. Share these messages, or save them as favourites or wallpaper. A user-friendly design and gorgeous graphics make this app a favourite part of your week.

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My Nutrition


My Nutrition was created in order to make eating healthy easier. Rather than relying on calorie counters, food indexes, and other health and nutrition apps, My Nutrition allows you to do everything in one easy to use application. With 8000+ indexed foods directly from the USDA, My Nutrition is the most complete, most comprehensive Nutritional app on the market. Best of all, it’s designed with your health in mind!

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First Year (Baby Activity Tracker)


Designed by busy parents FirstYear is the easiest way to track baby’s daily activities as they come along. No need for typing. No fuss with alarms. All events can be logged with two simple taps on your iPhone or iPad. View trends daily, weekly or monthly. Keep medical information and health questions handy at doctor visits. FirstYear is just what you need to monitor baby’s well being while keeping your sanity in check.

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