Introducing Rails, the official remake of Shortline Railroad, one of biggest and most addictive gaming sensations of the 90s! You’re controlling the railroad today! Build tracks and guide trains to their stations, keeping the rail yard collision-free. Control the railroad switches and signals to lead trains from Point A to Point B, raking in money and earning achievements along the way.

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Servers Ultimate


★★Run over 40 protocols with over 36 servers!★★
Now you can run a CVS, DHCP, DLNA, DNS, Dynamic DNS, Email (POP3 / SMTP), FTP Proxy, FTP, FTPS, Git, IRC, ISCSI, MySQL, NFS, NTP, PHP and Lighttpd, Port Forwarder, Proxy, Remote Control, Rsync, SMB/CIFS, SMS, Socks, SFTP, SSH, Stomp, Styx, Syslog, TFTP, Telnet, Test, Time, Torrent Tracker, Trigger, VNC, Wake On Lan, Web, WebDAV, X11 and/or XMPP server!

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Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager


In today’s competitive work environment you need to stand out among your peers. You have to be effective and efficient in meetings and with your communications. Every minute counts, and you can’t waste time being unproductive. Meeting+ ensures you get the most out of meetings and meeting communications – whether you are leading or participating. Meeting+ is a powerful app that manages and improves the entire meeting lifecycle from research and planning through execution and follow-up. It does so much more than just make agendas and schedule your meetings, it has intuitive capabilities to capture, analyze, organize, track, and share information making meetings more effective, informed, consistent and enjoyable.

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Image Shrink Lite (Resizer)


Resize photos and pictures easily before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It’s the most downloaded photo/picture resizer on Google Play.
It works with “Share via” or “Send to” feature of Android OS. Please read help page in the app before using Image Shrink. I’m sure you will like how it works.

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