AstroSwami Pro


AstroSwami – Pro (from ( are the pioneer in bringing on your iPhone the most personalized horoscope predictions along with remedies based on your birth details using the Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. We are all about being simple but smart! AstroSwami’s belief of using Astrology as the Science to guide your path in life has been taken a step further by providing remedies at the most personalized level based on your birth details now directly on your iPhone! We truly are the one source for all your astrological guidance!


  1. Jennie says

    I have been following the Indian Astrology for a while now and when I came across this app, I must say this App has too many things not only as predictions but also remedies. Also noticed remedies based on **LAL KITAB** not sure what is that? never saw that in my readings about Indian Astrology, but definitely caught my attention and very interesting remedies for life problems. I like home page image :-)!

  2. hihellofriends says

    I have been searching all this along an astrology app that would go beyond just the daily day-to-day predictions and rather give my personalized predictions making me standout from the other 30 million persons or even more people of the same zodiac sign.. Finally someone really listened…. AstroSwami Pro you rock!!!! I am loving this App!!!! Only one thing.. in your daily predictions can you also give tomorrow and yesterday and not just today that would be great add! I am for sure adding you to my favourites………..

  3. Mariam says

    I have been using since a long time to view my predictions. I am glad that this I-phone app is introduced which helps me to get the information on my finger tips.

    Thank you AstroSwami for the information. It is a great app!