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Curt B

Keep up the GREAT work, your podcast has cost me more money than you know!!!! (but in a good way, its great to see the apps in action that I may otherwise overlook). I come home and see that I have a few of your vidcasts on my TiVo and I just know its going to cost me some money! It seems for every 5 apps you review I probably end up buying 2 or 3 of them at least. Thanks again for your time and for the work you do to bring the application demo’s to us!

Kevin from Evans, GA

I watch your podcast all the time, and really enjoy your show. Sometimes I watch it though Appletv in our family room.
Sometimes my wife will watch, but she’s not really into podcasts.
So yesterday I’m flipping through youtube, and someone does a review of a twitter app. It is not very good. After 1 min, I’m about to press stop.
Suddenly my wife walks through the room, and without stopping randomly says – “I don’t know who that is, but he isn’t half as good as Jared!!”
ha ha ha! It took me a second to realize she knew your name. Hilarious.
Anyway, thanks for the time you put into the show, we enjoy it.
Best wishes,