Jerad Hill

Jerad HillJerad Hill is a website designer and wedding photographer from Modesto, CA. Jerad has a long history of loving technology that dates back to the early 80’s when he was a child playing with his Grandparents “Compact Disk Player,” his Grandparents are early adopters of technology, well they used to be early adopters, they still have the same CD player… Jerad has been a self confessed Mac Fanboy since he got a Apple IIe for Christmas in the early 80’s. His passion for Apple really took flight when he purchased his first laptop which was a Powermac G4 Titanium. When the iPhone came out it was only natural that he would ditch Nextel and switch to AT&T simply to have access to this new and wonderful device not knowing how it would change his life. When iPhone 2.0 was rumored to accept 3rd party apps he saw where this was going. Apple was going to do to the iPhone what they did to the music industry with iTunes. His passion for sharing technology with others led him to start The iPhone App Podcast which was renamed The App Podcast (at Apple’s request). The App Podcast is the first and longest running App Podcast for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Every App review is a video demo of the app with comments and sometimes suggestions from Jerad. Jerad’s passion to help developers get noticed has taken him to different cities to meet with developers and help with marketing apps for the iPhone. Now coming up on a full year of reviewing iPhone apps Jerad has been asked to speak at Developer Meetups, Marketing Groups and to guest appear on other podcasts.

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