Jerad HillThe idea for StateofTech.Net [Formerly DailyAppShow.Com] came about right after I jailbroke my old iPhone (iPhone Edge or Gen 1). There were so many apps, I had no idea what they did or which ones were good so I just started downloading them one after another and trying them out. Months later the 3G iPhone came out and I decided the day before it launched (July 10th), that I would start a podcast dedicated to talking about iPhone and iPod Touch Apps and whether or not they were worth the time. Here we are today (insert date here) and the Podcast is very popular. Over thousands of people subscribe to the iTunes Podcast feed which has reached as high as the #2 podcast in the Technology Category and the 22nd most popular video podcast altogether (so far). It continues to grow as does my enjoyment of this podcast. It has allowed me to interact with so many interesting people and learn so much about the world of Mobile App Development.

I have always been an early adopter of technology. I love it. Because of this, people often come to me with questions about their devices or technology. Besides helping people make purchasing decisions on apps and devices, we want to help people learn how to get the most out of their devices. This is our goal with Stateoftech.net

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