Create Custom Vibrations


With the iPhone you have the ability to set custom ringtones for contacts so you’ll always know who’s calling. But setting a custom ringtone doesn’t help when you’re iPhone is on silent. With iOS 6 there is a new feature that allows the creation of custom vibrations that you can set for contacts or actions so you’ll know who and whats calling when your iPhone is on silent.

Open the Settings App and scroll down to the Sounds tab. Tap on the Sounds and you’ll be taken into the Sounds settings where you can change ringtones and the sound options. Tap on a sound action, such as Ringtone, and you’ll be taken into a menu where you can select a custom sound for the action. Scrolling to the top of the page from here you’ll see a Vibration tab, tapping on this will take you into the Vibration settings. You can select from default vibrations for this action of you can Create a New Vibration. Tapping on Create New will bring you into a menu where you can “record” a new custom vibration to you for you sounds action.

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