Swipe to Delete Messages on iPad

Whether you in an Email Inbox or the Messages app you can swipe to delete messages and message threads.

When you’re in the Mail App and you are in the Inbox you and swipe from Right to Left and a Delete button will appear allowing you to delete that email message without having to open it. When you’re in the Messages app if you’re in the list of conversations you can swipe from Right to Left to delete the whole message thread, this will not work for individual messages in a conversation.


  1. Megan says

    When I swipe across an email & hit delete a box pops up and says “this message could not be moved to the mailbox trash” how can I fix this issue?

    • says

      It could be that the message has already been deleted or is no longer in the inbox of your email. Whenever the inbox hasn’t been refreshed since making changes old emails can still show up. Have you tried pulling down to refresh the mail inbox to see if there was an issue there?

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