Add PDF’s to iBooks on iPad

You can add more than just books to iBooks, you can also add PDF’s as well.

If you receive a PDF attachment in an email or open one in Safari you can save it into iBooks by tapping the Share button in the top right corner and selection Open in iBooks. Tapping on this will save the PDF in iBooks where you can begin reading the PDF that you have saved. The next time you open iBooks you’ll be able to choose between Books and PDF’s by tapping the button in the top middle of the screen and selecting Books or PDF’s, whatever you choose iBooks will take you to the container of your choice.


  1. Glenn Greenway says

    I tried the tip about saving PDFs in iBook. It would be a huge help to me, but I cannot get it to work with gmail. I just don’t find the share button to which you refer. Is there any way to do it with gmail? Thanks

    • says

      Are you using the Gmail App provided by Google? If so, unfortunately there isn’t a way do open the PDF in iBooks that way. You’ll have to be using Gmail through the iPhone’s native Mail app.

      All you have to do from Mail is tap and hold on the PDF attachment and a menu will pop-up and allow you to open the PDF in iBooks. You’ll also need to make sure that iBooks is installed on your device.

      Hope this helps.

  2. jason says

    hey there, great, simple article! however, i don’t know if it’s just me or io6, but on both on my ipad AND iphone, the “open in ibooks” feature/button which used to be there is no longer present? I do have ibooks installed on both devices. Any ideas? thanks!

    • says

      What I would do is make sure that your iBooks App is all the way up-to-date. The current version of iBooks is 3.0.2, you can find this information in Settings > iBooks as long as you have iBooks installed. You also need to make sure that you have downloaded the PDF fully by tapping on it in the email. Once its downloaded you should then be able to open it in iBooks. If those options don’t work I would suggest deleting the iBooks App and then redownloading it.

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