Close Open Apps to Save Battery Life on iPad

When exiting an Application it doesn’t always stop the process that the application is doing. For example, when exiting the Music App, if you’re currently listening to music it will keep playing this music. Some Applications even have the ability to sync data after exiting.

These types of processes can drain battery life without you know. To ensure that all of the applications are closed double press the home button and bring up with multi-task tray. Once you’ve done that, tap and hold on an App icon until they start to jiggle and then you can press the red minus circle and it will close the App for good thus saving your battery as well.


  1. Daniel Versola says

    Do you know if there is a faster way to exit all running apps? It’s a pain to have to close them one by one especially after the kids get ahold of your iPad and open almost every app.

    • says

      They are going to be on your Home Screen wherever you have placed them. Deleting them from the multitasking tray only closes the app, it doesn’t delete it from your iPhone. But if you have deleted an App off of the Home Screen you will have to go back into the App Store and re-download the App you’re looking for.

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