iOS6 for iPad

iOS6 Brings many amazing new features to the iPad. Both the iPhone and iPad have so many features and options that it becomes a bit overwhelming to learn what they do and how to use them correctly. This new course will help you understand what each Setting Option and Default app on the iPad does and is capable of. The course is mapped out in short videos and articles to help you learn and get the most of our your device. As you navigate through the course Table of Contents Playlist, you can choose a course based on the setting, option, or app you wish to learn about.
You don’t necessarily need to know what each and every setting does in your iPad, but this course will teach you. We see this course as being a Go-To resource for any iPad question you have.

This course is made up of videos and articles. We have created tutorial videos for each default app the iPad comes with from the factory and the entire settings app. We have also included a few videos to help you get to know your device a bit better.

iOS 6 for iPad is available as part of a subscription to

Course Details: Author: Jerad Hill & James Horton – Released: Sept 21st, 2012

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