iPhone AOTW #1 – Onavo

Onavo for iPhone
Who loves paying high data plan costs? Not us, which is why we are glad that we came across Onavo. Onavo is an app that helps compress incoming and outgoing data on the fly to decrease the overall data usage of your device. When you download data to your device, or send data out, Onavo will lightly compress that data. Scraping small amounts of data over time adds up.

Onavo installs as an app and as a profile on your iPhone. The setup is simple and the app walks you through. In settings you can select how much compression you want Onavo to put on your data. After Onavo is set up, you only have to return to see how much data you are saving. The app does it all from there.

Onavo is great for users of all data plans. Regardless of your data usage, a couple of extra iTunes downloads could put you over your limit. Onavo works while you are connected to your data connection. When connected to Wifi, it disables itself and does not compress data.

Check out Onavo in the App store and see how much data Onavo can save for you. For us it was an average of about 200MB per month which equaled about 18% of our total data usage. If you set Onavo on more strict settings it can compress up to 60% of your data usage in our tests.

Get Onavo in the iTunes App Store.

iTunes App Store Download Link: Download Onavo for iPhone – Free


  1. Deena Elliott says

    Jared, thanks for sharing – you always manage to post really interesting & helpful tech tidbits – Happy New Year!


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